1 Jan 1999

The Bible seems so disjointed to me

Submitted by theshovel
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Hello Jack,

Yes, I know exactly how you're feeling here because I also used see the Bible as a bunch of disjointed thoughts that just didn't seem to tie together in so many places. Each time I came to see a passage find its place within the overall context of the writing I would get more and more excited. I have for many years allowed the Bible to find its own place within my thinking instead of my usual forcing it into a place it didn't belong.

Having said all that, there is still only one real reason I have come to understand so many portions of the Bible, and that is simply that I have refused to see it apart from the reality of Christ. That, more than ANYTHING else has been the real eye-opener for me!! Interestingly, I have a difficult time seeing in any other way now, and many will often question how in the world I think it means what I do. haha! I still assume that I will yet see many more things even in the passages I have seem to written much about - it always seems to happen that way. :)


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