1 Jan 2002

How can I teach these Biblical portions when I avoid them myself?

Submitted by theshovel
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Did you watch the movie "Instinct"? There was a scene in it where Anthony Hopkins' character discovers that his camera was the thing that was unnatural to the apes he was photographing. Not only that, he realized that when he finally put the camera down he began seeing the apes for the first time. He had been viewing them through a lens instead of viewing THEM.

We use the Bible much the same way in our attempt to know God, and yet it often becomes the very thing that hinders us from seeing HIM. You know, this intense need to study the Bible has been blown way out of proportion. We use the thing as a doggoned Magic Book of Incantations and Spells most of the time as we study and quote it how we want when we want it in order to produce the desired effect that will best suit US. We quote it and wait for the magic of the words to perform. What a bunch of pagans we are, huh?

You already knew the simplicity of your own question when you said, "I guess we model it." If the life of Christ in you cannot reach those kids then they cannot be reached by a good Bible lesson with proper applications. You know what I mean? I'm sure you do. :)

As far as the book of Revelation goes, my advice to you is to simply forget it - until, or IF - God actually gives you the desire to read it. Otherwise, you'll study it only to find answers for other people. Those are not very good answers ... even if they are accurate.

Teach those kids about LIFE. Don't be afraid to let them know that there's a lot you don't know about the Bible, and how that doesn't mean that you don't know GOD. They need to hear an adult be honest with them about that because they know they don't know a lot either. And they are being taught in so many ways that they can't know Him unless they understand the Bible. And that's why they will get sucked in to the most credible sounding answer to their questions. Let them know that they don't have to buy all that religious hocus-pocus blood on their hands motivational messages just because they have inadequate information to refute it. They need to understand that most of their teachers are simply passing on the same old stuff they learned when they were young. Share Christ with them so that they will say on their own, That is sooooooo bogus! to all that legalistic crap.

Who is it that really understands the Bible, the Bible scholars? I don't THINK so. So, if the professionals have made such a mess of it why would we even follow their pattern in learning it?

Don't worry about what you DON'T know, but instead, treasure what you DO - for what you KNOW is CHRIST HIMSELF. Read and enjoy what it is that reveals HIS reality in you. I can guarantee you that the more you see Him in the parts you do read that you will see Him more and more in the other parts as you get to them. Other than that, stick those unanswered questions in a file and label it, "Stuff I don't understand right now.", and then go and enjoy the life He has given you.


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