1 Jan 2001

How do you read the Bible and get what you do out of it?

Submitted by theshovel
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I'm not really the kind of person that will ultimately decide something on the basis of what other people say, so I know I need to keep reading the Word... how do you read it? It's like you pick stuff out that I can't when I just read it. Anonymous

How do I read it? The answer to that is the difference between life and death. When I look for "answers" to back up my position they flee far from me. When I see Christ as my life I see Him in everything in my everyday life ... I even see Him in the Bible! :) How's that as flip-flop kinda way to view Biblical interpretation? :)

Just remember, the stuff you have read from me has been the same kind of stuff you are wondering about. I just KNEW there was something wrong with so many of the accepted viewpoints, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I'll be honest, I NEVER thought that I would uncover so many things in the Bible. But know this: Bible knowledge does NOT equal true knowledge. Actually, true knowledge, which is what we have received already, is what MIGHT allow us to understand some of the PERCEIVED Biblical contradictions. Just realize that what you end up discovering by seeing the original intent of the written word is the SAME REALITY that you KNOW in your heart to be true: that you are REALLY free in Christ through what He did for you in His death, burial, and resurrection.

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Very good Jim! Love, Adam

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