5 Mar 2012

Bibliology questions

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Jim i have studied the series on bibliology…Just have a question or few questions about the articles. 1) is it possible that since the bible is not the complete revelation, that the bible is a shadow and Jesus is the substance…How does God bring the believer to this reality? why does it seem like believers don’t seem to come to the same view yet they have the same Spirit?

- Mark A

Hello again, my friend Mark!

I see the words of the prophets, the sacrifices, and the Law itself as being shadows of Christ, who is the reality. To me, the writings of the New Testament are straight forward testimonies that reveal the fulfillment (Christ) foretold in the written word. Of course, the way Christianity has presented the Bible as being the complete revelation of God does kind of force it into a sense of being a shadow of the reality. LOL!

How does God bring the believer to this reality… Are you asking how God can bring the believer to the reality that Jesus Christ, not the Bible, is the complete revelation of God? I suspect that believers already understand this reality within themselves but have been stirred by the fear that they may be dishonoring God by not agreeing with the teachings of the established authorities.

This world continues to dull the senses of those who are born of the Spirit causing believers to judge their reality accordingly. The Spirit within testifies that Christ is our life, but the religious powers have intimidated us into judging by appearances. I have had so many discussions with believers who will agree that Christ is the true authority and that his life is their life, but the pressure to conform to an agreement of doctrine rather than an agreement created by our oneness in the Spirit forces divisions between us.


Jim,thanks for always responding to my questions…i appreciate.and thanks for putting up the shovel

You are welcome, my friend!

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