16 Aug 2003

What about Solomon?

Submitted by theshovel
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Solomon wrote that all was meaningless like every rich man thinks at some point in his life but he never divorced his wives, he never stopped seeing other women, and never stop oppressing the citizens so he can have all his luxuries as a matter of fact he died a worshiper of pagan gods and enjoyed all the pleasures of the flesh until the day he died. He was the smarter man the world has ever seen according to x-tians (besides Jesus of course) and he was so smart that came to the conclusion that there was no evidence of god. (Ecclesiastes 3:21) Atheist

Ah yes, the wisdom of Solomon! You know, I love the fact that Solomon’s writings are stuck right there in the middle of the book millions of people use in an attempt to prove how moral or spiritual they are. I wonder how many religious folks who cling to his writings today would still like the guy if they had a chance to live under his rule? You know, if I was the poor schmuck referred to in “The Song of Solomon” who lost the love of his life because because the king wanted one more wife I would have hated him for all the days of my life!

I love the fact that Solomon laid out the pursuit of his wisdom so descriptively. It is a genuine reflection of what he called “vanity” … or emptiness, futility. As you well point out, though he despaired the very day of his birth and often despised his own existence he kept after it till the day he died. Now, I understand that vicious cycle … and I am pretty sure you do as well.

Though Solomon’s writings are full of wise sayings, moral considerations and good advice it is ultimately a wisdom based in a world built upon form and principle rather than life and reality. The most ignorant in the new creation is infinitely wiser than Solomon.


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