1 Jan 2003

Formulating an argument against the responsibility guilt trip

Submitted by theshovel
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This isn't a question, but a request. I need to formulate a convincing argument against the "If I don't take the responsibility to do it, nobody else will" philosophy of guilt-ridden church service. This is a pervasive scenario that is played out in many churches, especially those with small memberships of which 10% of the members do 90% of the work. I have some scriptures and ideas in mind but would appreciate some additional insight. Thanks for your help. Paul
Hello Paul, I question whether you need to formulate a convincing argument ... unless maybe you're trying to convince yourself. Those who hold on to this desperate thinking merely need to see the reality of Christ; otherwise they will not be convinced - at least, not in a living way. You'd be amazed to realize how many heavy-duty convictions often seem to simply fade away in view of the wonder of knowing Christ as life! Jim
Don't you think that it is possible if a person who is "guilted" to take on extra responsibilities in church service might actually be hindering God's efforts to work in the life of another believer? Because of their overextension in service they might have robbed God of an opportunity to move in the life of another believer to convict them of disobedience and bring to light the responsibility that they should take. What do you think, Jim? Paul
Hello again Paul, Of course, even when believers are guilted into something, our Father is able to cause this to work out for their good. This doesn't make it okay for leaders to do such things but actually makes it evident that such leaders are motivated and motivating others by the flesh. But God is not hindered by the flesh ... for His grace is only made more obvious against this lifeless backdrop!! I have a question though: Why do you think God is in the business of convicting believers of disobedience when, in fact, He only ministers grace and life to us in Christ ... because He has ALREADY made us slaves of obedience. Were you not aware of this? Somehow, we have misread the passage in John 16:7-11 so that we have assumed that this "conviction" is directed toward those rescued OUT of the world, instead of toward the unbelieving world itself. Check it out, and see what you think. :) Jim


As I ponder through the splinters in the windmills of my mind it has strongly beseiged me that there are a great many seeming paradoxical ideologies contained within the scriptures.However,first off I know that God cannot lie ; He does not even possess the ability to.Second off,all scriptures was written through inspiration and the divine leading of the Holy Spirit of God himself by 66 authors over a great period of time and of greatly varied socioeconomic backgrounds and educational statuses. Herein lies my thought:God is true and only speaks truth.God’s perception of His truth is that it is accurate and good.God does not have a perception problem with His words;it is I who have this perception dilemna and strongly suspect that others may have encountered this too. But,I postulate this simple idea.Imagine if you will a 8 oz. clear glass filled with exactly 4 ounces of sparkling , crisp water. Two individuals observe the glass filled with water. The first states:it is half full. The second states: it half empty. These are two diametrically opposing points of view (points of perception) that seem to be inadvertently different : i,e,;therefore,a paradox.Is either perception an outright lie ?Balderdash!Each statement is true(BUT FROM A DIFFERENT POINT OF PERCEPTION).The confusion at times (and still do) are not from God’s perfect truth being in conflict,but rather my shallow understanding and lack of “putting on the mind of Crist” - to see through His eyes of understanding with perception born only of Spirit and to trust fully in my God.Since I was a small child I have always wondered:how can God have always existed?To be quite frank-I still cannot conceive it,but I believe God is the alpha & omega though I cannot explain that to which my natural perceptions haven’t a clue. One thing is clear:the mind of God and His reasonings are never understood by the natural , carnal mind.(SELAH)

Jim, Thanks for the good reminder that the the conviction work of the Holy Spirit in regards to sin is directed to those who do not yet believe, that is the world. Cf. John 16:7-11

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