1 Jan 2002

Pushing the limits of grace

Submitted by theshovel
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Like the Apostle Paul wrote, I think he scoffed at people who claimed that people would sin more being given more freedom. I think he just hasn't met me yet. I had a tendency to walk the bare edge. Push it as far as it could go. anonymous

I, on the other hand, played it safe growing up. I tried to be the good boy. And it worked pretty good since my older brother got into enough trouble for the both of us. My dad would give me simple advice: Don't be stupid like your brother! To which I replied, I won't. Truth was I was afraid to be bad though the prospect seemed to have a tempting allure to it at times. I was very naive.

As it turns out I didn't even have to experience the really bad stuff in my life to come to the conclusion that I was no different than anyone else. I simply didn't have to fall off the cliff to prove it to myself. It's not like it came easy ... oh, no!! I had to go through years of self-righteous Pharisee living first. :)

What I'm saying to you is that YOU are no different than ME. And realize this: Paul claims to have been chosen as the Chief Sinner for the purpose of being the example of those who are brought into eternal life. He KNEW what it was to take it to the limit. The only difference between you and him was that he knew how to get around his pushing the limit by finding the loopholes in the system so that he could do it and come out looking righteous in the process!! You see, YOU were the kind of person that made him look good by comparison while everybody just ASSUMED that his thoughts and intentions were pure. Just like it was with my brother and I it is assumed.


I think many of us who assume we are pushing the limits of grace, are actually pushing the limits of the natural man’s CONCEPT of grace. More than not our doctrines of grace have PROVEN to be so human when push comes to shove. But, is God a human that He should live according to man? Or is He truly all powerful and are His ways truly higher?[as in unattainable] If God is Spirit can He be understood by flesh? If not, then why are we banging our heads against so many heartless legal conclusions about Him and His miraculous wisdom in Christ?[to us] The same threat of Bad News that John spoke of [ FEAR has to do with punishment] is the same bad news that we read into almost everything when we project that fleshly sense of what God has brought to us through His Son. Worries of blowing it and turning grace into a licence for sin have detoured us from seeing what was really and truly meant to be[and has been] brought to us through the living Christ. The Good News just gets lost in it all. See, the Good News is that all of our legal fears are erased in the One who has taken it all away. The living and enduring word to us is that our sins and lawless deeds are remembered no more. We are clean, justified and dearly loved. There is nothing more we can conjure up in the fear of the legal mind that will add to that in any way. Is God somehow justifying sin? NO. He isn’t doing that. He is the release of sin. He is the power to live upright. The legal stuff isn’t something we need to fear for God knows us who are His and He will be faithful to reveal this true life to us in the midst of any deception thrown at us in this world or even through our bodies and minds. The fact is, we can know that our flesh will drift to grace according to the natural mind even daily but, God who is GREATER will continue to reveal is true grace to us in the midst!

big smile    Thanx for the encouragement!   big smile 

Yes, there can be this 'legal' mentality toward 'grace', which then makes it no grace at all really.   (“grace according to the natural mind”)  confused   lol

The good news of Christ is truly GOOD NEWS!   big smile  His grace is sufficient.  He teaches us just how sufficient It/He Is!  big smile


You are welcome! Love, Adam

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