31 Jan 2004

The oppression of eternal punishment

Submitted by theshovel
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Hello my dear friend Dave!

I am glad that your heart is being set free from the oppression of eternal punishment. It is indeed tragic that this religious fear has been so deeply embedded into our modern consciousness instead of having been overcome by the sheer freedom of Christ, freedom that should have set our fears to rest in the first place. Instead of hearing what Jesus and the writers of the NT accounts WERE and were NOT saying by their words of punishment we have endlessly toyed around with validating our own fears by consistently misquoting many verses to support the bogusly supposed "eternal battle of the ages".

Every time this perversion comes up there's always somebody who will hold up the holy-grail of "free will", demanding that the amazing will of Christ must yield to OUR almighty and powerful wills. And there is a well-defined set of protocols from every side of this argument that lets the battle rage on between whose will is more powerful, etc ... an argument that can sound so "Christian" while leaving the life and freedom of Christ totally out of the picture.

Ah, but the new creation has come forth, not only that it emerged from out of the old, but in the wake of its destruction in Christ. It is the new life that shows itself the true life. As much as we might think that God must preserve the old creation in order to validate his grace, he is not so bound. For in Christ he has done away with the old.

Love, Jim

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