1 Jan 2002

Salvation means simple fact of acceptance to heaven?

Submitted by theshovel
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Thanx for writing back. :) Please don't think I didn't like your definition, it's just that I (me, personally) wouldn't say it that way for reasons of distinguishing what I think many misunderstand. It is still a valid definition. For example, you said, and I agree with this: "I mean by salvation the simple fact of acceptance to heaven. I think most Christians understand the term that way, although I could easily be wrong". I agree that most Christians believe that. I don't. hahaha! See what I mean? :) Now, I used to see it that way, and I still believe in the reality of heaven and that it is not by our works in any way. Confused yet? Let me just ask you to consider why most places in the Bible that speak of "salvation" aren't really focused on going to heaven? Do you hear that I am NOT negating the reality of it, but instead I'm considering the PRIMARY focus of most of the references in the New Testament writings? Believe me, I know what it is to view all the "faith" verses in the context of presenting the clear message of how to go to heaven, but when read in their OWN context they say something else. Something so close to our everyday life that it just blows us away by the impact, all the while never lessening the reality that when we die we will be with Him forever.

Please don't take this the wrong way. I only jump right into this with you because already I detect that you are a valuable companion who is fully capable of discussing such things with me, and one who desires to look into the word and consider things!! :) Please tell me that I haven't misread you and that you are not offended or I shall go out and hit my head with the shovel!! hahaha! Thanx for being there, bro.

Jim Minker

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