1 Jan 2003

Can people die, go to hell, then return to tell about it?

Submitted by theshovel
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I have heard many after 'death experiences' where people actually experienced HELL and it terrified them, when they came back they wanted to be saved and it changed their whole lives, they wanted to get everybody SAVED as they knew that there definitely is a hell. People have had heaven experiences and hell experiences, what would your response be to this? G

Hello G,

As there are MANY such stories and accounts, probably more that "prove" against the reality of Christ, which ones do you choose to believe, only those that support your view? There's not much to hang your hat on with these stories of "experiencing heaven or hell", do you think? I think it's only our desperation and fear that has us pinning our hopes on such things. What do you think this "salvation" is that those who supposedly "go to hell" desire when they "get back"? Avoidance of the "bad place" has little to do with the real condemnation from which we are saved, but only conforms to the fleshly idea that "a good person like me shouldn't have to suffer forever". Is it really CHRIST that is wanted in this "salvation"? If He is, then why isn't Christ what is preached instead of all the usual religious garbage? Check out these stories and see if you can honestly say that Christ is the center of it.

A friend of mine was pushing a book on me called "Embraced by the Light", which he finally bought me a copy and brought it over. It is a "non-religious approach", he told me, and "it's about Christ". Yeah, right ... it made me want to puke! :) Oh, sure, the author brought "Jesus" into the picture, but it had no real life to it whatever as her "facts" of Jesus, salvation, and heaven have neatly removed the very real essence of anything to be saved from. This lady has made it her "calling" to tell people about "heaven" ... a place where there is "no condemnation". Is her story any less valid than another's? This whole issue is a deep pit of speculation, and not of Christ at all. What do you think? :)



my name is alex in my lucid dreams i can die but instead of waking in my bed i arrive in hell and i get shoved around with the actual condemed i am considering immortality but realised it only works when i recognised i was dreaming
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Hello Alex,
I'm a little confused by what you wrote from the lack of punctuation. You see, I'm not even sure if your name is Alex or if it is Alex only in your lucid dreams. Also, I'm not sure what only works when you recognized you were dreaming: your consideration of immortality or your getting shoved around?
Either way, something tells me that your dreams are merely reflecting your very real sense of dread from guilt and shame. What's been going on in your waking life?

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