7 Jan 2004

What will happen to those who don't believe?

Submitted by theshovel
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I just read your entry about "the unforgiveable sin." You use the terms "nothings" and "somethings" in the closing of your entry on this subject. I understand very well, I think, your context here, but what do you think happens to the "somethings" when their flesh dies? What is the second death? I know full well that I have already attained eternal life in the first resurrection-which is Jesus Himself, and is spritual-and the second death cannot harm me, but what of those who do not believe in Him, but believe in themselves when they pass from this temporal world into the next? Sharon

Hello Sharon! Thanks for writing.

You know, there are many ramifications to certain things I believe that I simply don't know about, or perhaps that I just don't concern myself with if they take a turn into the realm of speculation. I am convinced of this: only that which is born of God remains.

Much of what I have written regarding hell has to do with reconsiderations of many of the Bible verses we have had tossed into our laps as proof of the popular teachings of hell, and I'm sure much of it will be an eye-opener. We have had fear dumped into our consciousness through so much religious indoctrination that we rarely question the basis for it. I believe that all things temporal simply pass away to reveal the reality of that which is eternal.

What is that lake of fire and brimstone? Sharon

There is much figurative language used in John's account (that we know of as "Revelation") and it strikes me as amazing that when it comes to certain portions in the midst of such picturesque language that so many have dug their heels in so that things like the lake of fire must be taken literally. I suspect that perhaps it is a vivid picture of the ending of all things temporal, as nothing could survive such destruction.


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