1 Jan 2002

My husband is a believer, but I'm afraid he may go to hell

Submitted by theshovel
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My husband is a believer, but I'm afraid he may go to hellElaine

Hello my dear friend!

Not only are you NOT overwhelming me with your ignorance, I would have to say that your honesty is very refreshing! :) After all, who we truly are has nothing to do with the kind of learning that can be graded! No grading curves needed with the school of Jesus, my friend. Thanx for your comments. :)

I came from a background where "Heaven vs. Hell" seemed to be the battle of the ages. The emphasis is more of a religious one. I'm not suggesting that it is not important, but how we have come to view it has come from the natural mind's interpretation of "God stuff". Just look at all the stories and pictures and scare tactics from the religious past with devils and pitchforks and ghosts and the river "Styx" and the grim reaper, etc, etc. As far as the religious mind (which IS the natural mind) is concerned "God" has to do with the afterlife and has no real effect on the affairs of men except in rare cases.

But this is not the true God. Jesus is all about the life of God in man ... for He is exactly that!

Elaine, a brother (one who is truly born of God) does not "go to hell". And there is only one reason for that. It is because Jesus has once and for all offered up Himself on our behalf to our Father. He has paid for sin and will not remember it anymore against those who are a part of the new covenant (see Jer. 31:31-34). How could He remember it if Jesus indeed was the Lamb of God who came to TAKE AWAY sin?

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Finally, your first comment in TEN whole years! Anyway, if he believes that Jesus died on the cross, he will go to Heaven.
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Thanks for you comment, my friend. :)
And by the way, the main reason you don't see too many comments on the Q&A from early on is that the ability to comment was not part of the original website for a few years, and the comments you find from those years had to be added manually. I finally set up across-the-board commenting about 2 years ago. Just a little history on theshovel website. :)


Pretty sure Satan believes that Jesus died on the cross. Soooo….. Perhaps you want to rephrase?

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