1 Jan 2000

What about the burial part of the gospel?

Submitted by theshovel
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I have heard of H.L. Roush Sr before. Can't remember where ... maybe a book or some tracts. I also remember a brother talking about "the burial" ... and he probably got it from Roush ... and maybe that is where I heard about him.

Anyway, you asked me what I thought.

Considering the fact that most independent Baptists, as well as many others, speak often of the substitutionary aspect of the gospel I can only assume that he is saying something different. He has a lot of good things to say, but I detect a separatist attitude. He says that unless you preach "the burial" you are not preaching the gospel ... but most of his points are often covered under what many cover under "the death". His point seems to be focused on the suffering of Jesus in "hell" or "hades" for the period of three days even though Jesus said, "It is finished" upon giving up His life.

I looked around a little bit on his site. His claim of "true gospel" is based upon Paul being the ONLY one to have preached it while the other apostles preached the "kingdom" gospel. I am familiar with the distinction as I read of it in a book years ago by a J. Sidlow Baxter. Actually, it had a lot of valid points and I learned a lot from it. But the reality of Christ as our life seems to have been missing through most of it.

Though his point of knowing who wrote what to who is a good distinction (which as you know I write often of) I have difficulty with those who lean so heavily on 'dispensations" to explain the discrepancies they find in the gospels and in the "non-Pauline" writings. I remember being under the teaching of a man who followed similar thinking. He referred to the three different dispensations (law, kingdom, grace) contained in the gospels ... and to study them without "rightly dividing the word" (a claim of many, including Roush) was to produce doctrinal "tossed salad". Cute, huh? :) It just comes across as being so "doctrinally" oriented (I found myself agreeing with much) and yet so devoid of life.

Well, anyway, that was probably more than you wanted to hear, huh? :) So, what did you think? hahaha!


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