21 Apr 2016

Christ and him crucified

Submitted by theshovel

Paul claimed to know nothing among the believers except Christ and him crucified. Was he referring to a crucifix? If not, did he imply that Christians should always keep the events of his death at the forefront of their minds so as to curb their sinful desires? I’m thinking that many avoid this suggestion because of the weight of guilt it brings. But the true meaning has nothing to do with bringing a focus upon his death, but rather a demand as to the true nature of his life. In other words, since Jesus Christ cannot be recognized according to the flesh, knowing Christ crucified means that true understanding is only found on the other side of the cross. And so I think we have a lot of fleshy explanations that also have to be put to death.



it is fitting to me that JIms last post on this site was concerning the Cross and its true meaning in the life of a believer. one thing that i notice especially is that the true meaning of the cross can only be found on the other side of the cross and the understanding of the finality and truth of it can only come to those who have experienced the God given truth of it. Anything else is going to fall short because it will be borne out of human understanding instead of revelation of the Holy Spirit.

“…knowing Christ crucified means that true understanding is only found on the other side of the cross. “

Yes, in Him.



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