14 Oct 2013

Seeing His Provision

Submitted by theshovel
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We’re gonna catch some flak on this one! Not for the faint-hearted! But you’re going to truly be blessed by some amazing grace … even when it seems that God has forsaken you.

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I just left a meeting with our secretry's husband (42 years old, industrial machine mechanic, David) who will have a biopsy on three masses around and behind his heart. About a month ago he gradually started losing his voice, the doctors coild not determine why, then finally after an MRI and PET scan they found the masses. One mass was pushing on a nerve that effects his vocal cords. The biopsy to detrmine if cancer (malignant or benign, etc.) is tomorrow morning, then he stays one day in ICU, then three days in the hospital. It was a moving experience for me to meet with him. He looked very starry eyed, shaken, frightened. I was nearly at a complete loss for words. I had to stop our meeting short. I did not want to perhaps disturb him more than he appeared because I was about to burst into tears. A weak, frail side of me showed itself (I do not remember times feeling like this.) Very moving but I am grateful for the experience! Our Father's Love and comfort intensifies in our weakness. This earthly life is so temporal, folks. I am grateful for hope, not just for some human hope, BUT for an Assured hope I received from Christ which continues to be enhanced. It's no wonder why Jesus, Paul, others spoke in such inexpressable ways. They were only communicating and documenting for others to see beyond this earthly realm.

I appreciate brothers/sisters like Jim, Adam, Georgi, Sherry, Julie, etc. others that share their heart on this website. Thank you all! - nergo

Please let us know how this turns out Nergo.




The biopsy in October resulted as cancerous masses and believed to be malignant. The doctors believe the cancer started in the lungs. The cancer first revealed itself when he could only whisper. The cancer was pushing against his vocal cord area. Also, he had pain in his leg for months but thought he was experiencing soreness from his work climbing up and under machines – He is an industrial machine mechanic for an Auto parts factory. The doctors examined the leg (MRI, x-ray, etc) and found cancer in the femur bone (upper leg bone). The doctors believe the cancer in the femur bone came from the lung cancer. That is, the cancer in the lung entered the bone and revealed itself or surfaced in the femur bone. The cancer in the femur bone was more aggressive spreading so the doctors removed the femur and inserted a rod as a replacement in order to save the leg. At the time (about Oct 25) the doctors thought it was best to save the leg first and then proceed to begin therapy to the cancer in the lung. When he regained strength from the femur operation he immediately began radiology. Radiology therapy uses an x-ray device that is more precise in targeting the cancer than chemotherapy. Radiology directly destroys cancer cells by aiming at a specific spot in his lung area. So radiology was given first. Some benefits were seen but chemotherapy was necessary. He receives an injection of chemo once every two weeks.
His family (wife and 4 year old son) live about 45 minutes from the cancer treatment center in Newnan, Ga. He returns home from Newnan and battles the side effects from the treatments – dehydration, nausea, etc.) He was a smoker since he was 16 years old. He quit smoking 8 years ago. He’s 42 yrs. old. His brother and wife now live with the family. His wife (our secretary) comes to work when she can. She is taking most of the next two weeks off of work during Christmas. She said this Christmas is probably his last Christmas.

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This is a sad report, my dear friend, at least from the temporal perspective. I ask God to strengthen them and give them understanding into the most amazing reality that cannot be touched by any cancerous growth. Please pass on my love them.


I am.speechless Nergo.

All.Incan.say.is.that He has a.true.freind.in.you. A.true freind.



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My dear brother nergo, thank you so much for giving us a peek into the reality of the hope that is in you. :)

It was just brought to my attention yesterday that your new audio has been out since the 14th. I kept scrolling past it thinking that it was the one before because I saw the word "provision". Just goes to show that not only can't we trust what we see, but we can't trust what we think we see either!!!
Anyway, I guess I'm not faint hearted, because I loved it. One of the first realizations I got from this website was that I could bring my own human thinking into the study of the Bible, and could listen to teachers who were doing the same. The comment that we imagine that God reasons with our logic was a basic reality to add to that.
This then flowing into your talking about man's defining the whole "god is in control" by human reasoning was so excellent.....right to the last summation sentences after the perfect example of Stevens stoning.

Just wanted to let you know that as you promised, I was truly blessed by this audio telling of His amazing Grace.

Oh, one last thing, I like to watch the shows where the bad guy really gets what he deserves..... I guess now I know of what's spirit that is (I'm smiling). ....... Julie

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Julie, I am glad you found the new audio. I’ve gotten into the habit of announcing the audios on Facebook, but I haven’t been too consistent in sending out the newsletters lately.

Thanks for giving feedback that details how you’ve been affected! :)


Jim and Adam,

Again, It's a real highlight of my week to listen to the audios, the fellowship I treasure. I ALWAYS enjoy listening to your work stories, Jim, I can chuckle as I identify with incidences from my own, and my heart is always lighter. Always love to you both!

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Knowing that your heart is made lighter stirs my heart to rejoice! :)

You too Mary!



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