14 Nov 2013

Shovelaudio Uganda! Our Freedom in Christ Conference. Day 1

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I have just finished uploading all FOUR audios from day 1 of the Our Freedom in Christ Conference in Kampala, Uganda (11/5/2013-11/9/2013). You can expect quite a few audios coming at you in a relatively short time. If you enjoy them, please consider leaving a comment as to what it means to you. :)

Shovelaudio Uganda 1.1

The conference starts off with an introduction to some of my own experiences growing up. The basis for everything I teach hangs upon the simple truth: “I have determined to know nothing among you except Christ and him crucified.” Lots of examples of how the disciples fell all over themselves as they tried to understand who Jesus Christ was.

Shovelaudio Uganda 1.2

Biblical inerrancy … is it really about the mind of God or is there something else behind it?

Shovelaudio Uganda 1.3

In this segment, I’m addressing questions related to what it looks like when a person is experiencing the Lord. In my usual style, I move from one thing to another, and this time was no exception. Those who were there cannot possibly forget how I launched into my own experiences in dealing with the admonition to “Be Strong in the Lord!” in the face of sexual temptation.

Shovelaudio Uganda 1.4

In this segment, I’m addressing questions related to how we should deal with brothers who continue to offend.


I just finished listening to the Audio. I'll be listening again but for now I'll say this much. I've said this before, and I was hit with it again as I listen to the audio, there is a quality of face-to-face that no man's technology of communication can compare to. Just the simplicity of being physically together seems to create a dimension unlike any other. I sensed an easy but powerful flow of....what?? I guess I can't explain or express it right now, but I was moved. And so so happy for those who were there gathered together.

What just popped into my mind was the verse, and I'm not sure exactly where it is but it's the one where Jesus said.... where two or three are gathered there I am in the midst of them.... or something like that. Julie

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Yes, my dear Julie, I’ve always been energized by being among people so that I can see their faces and hear their comments. I spoke for 5 days without a single note jotted down, for I was armed only with the expectation that Christ and him crucified would be declared. :) I am so glad you testified to the power of God that works within us.


Okay, that was a wonderful taster of good things to come!

Really enjoyed the point you made about how the legal mind only hears judgment. That whole “your judging me” and the constant need to defend is so exhausting.  The legal mind can take a simple observation of yours or mine and make it all about judgment in seconds. There is a constant need to be viligant and defend all that is “right” built in to the perception of this mind.


Thanks for posting this.

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You are so welcome, my brother! :)

I will download the audios for my sister. She's really encouraged by the little she has heard from what I recorded with my phone.


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My dear Naomi!! I am so glad to hear from you, and I am excited that your sister has been encouraged. I’m about to add the second audio in a few minutes.

Love, Jim

As I listened to this audio my heart was once again encouraged in who Christ is and how the world has perverted all that He is which can only create fear and push for performance through law. I am so glad Jim you had this opportunity to speak of HIS LIFE to encourage others and now your listeners here as well. Awesome! Vivian

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Thank you Vivian! I’m am so glad you have been encouraged.

Love, Jim

Great interaction, Jim. Nothing beats speaking from the heart. 

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You are so right, my friend! Nothing beats it. :)

I am laying in bed at 5 am listening on my phone when all of a sudden I hear ..”and in the next audio..”…Drat! I wanted more! lol




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My brother, the next one will be up momentarily! I’m just finishing up the descriptions. :)

So, so encouraging and such GREAT questions!

Thanks you for sharing these my brother…




PS: encore!

..and there it is..4!!!!!

I found #3 to be very funny and very, very entertaining!!!

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I’m glad you found it so. :)

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