16 Sep 2013

Loved in Suffering

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Suffering for Jesus? Trying to avoid it, deny it … or maybe even, manufacture it? Join us as we explore more of what it means to share in the fellowship of Jesus Christ’s sufferings.

ShovelAudio: To the Pure — Loved in Suffering


We don't have to give the world a reason to hate us, because the thing they hate is inside of us

WOW - This audio was an eye-opener. Or should I say “ear-opener.”

People have been hating me for no reason all my life and I just couldn't put my finger on it. I tried looking up the psychological concept of “the Other” a few years back, which states something to the effect of “if you act differently from the norm, people pick up on it instantly.” But that theory was too complicated and ridden in psychobabble for me to understand. Now I know the real reason behind people's despising me: It's because Christ is in me and people can't help but to hate me because of it…and you know what Jim and Adam? I KNEW this truth deep down in me while these things were happening to me. I knew it had something to do with being God's. This shovelaudio dug up what I already knew buried beneath fleshly conceptions.

I just wish you guys would have expanded a tiny bit more on people hating us. Maybe in the form of an example. Adam or Jim, can you expand?

Hi Justin,

 The reality is we just don't always know when it is happening.[that is maybe a good thing!] The Life of Christ that is an offense to the natural mind of man, is simply despised by the empty thing that parades itself around as the full thing.

The flesh only looks on the outward and can only judge on what it sees there. Your dependence on Christ is an offense to the mind that would strive to be what only Christ IS. You know this, therefore what you live in is an offense.


I think you may really like next weeks audio.



Thanks Adam! What you just wrote really spoke to me.

I'm so glad my brother!


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