9 Sep 2013

Our New History

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How many believers have imagined a Christianity that is more like a Disney World experience? Maybe that’s why we have difficulty with a God who works ALL things together for our good.

ShovelAudio: To the Pure, Our New History

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Thanks guys!

I wrote down while listening, “Love is EVERYTHING the world ISN'T.”

BTW, I have a 33 RPM “Smash Hits” collection with Turn,Turn,Turn that I play constantly so that part was hilarious to me. Also I collect 45 records.

I had so many thoughts that just arose like an hour after I listened, I'm very tired right now but here are the best things I wrote down:

God's :LOVE: is contrary to even the wordly notions of “love.”

God's LOVE surpasses and fulfills humanity's shadowy attempts to love.

Anything we experience in the world is directly related/because/due to God being in us.

When someone attacks you, you are partaking in Christ's suffering.

When someone gives you a glass of water, this is God letting you know “I Shall Provide.”

“I shall provide…” Biblical prophesy.


No longer will I look at everyday situations the same way again!

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Justin, this is so exciting to hear!! :)

Thank you for sharing, Justin. Wonderful thoughts! What an introduction, perhaps, to this audio ... I'll be listening to the audio soon.

So cool to hear back Justin!


Yeah, we will be going even deeper into this suffering stuff next week!



LOL re-reading what I wrote last night one can tell I was extremely tired “Guys, we are the Bible” - what did I mean by that? lol. But waking up today, I had a not-so-pleasant morning, until everything hit me again what it means to be in Christ. Everything we experience in the world is Christ revealing Himself to us. We walk in a different dimension than the rest of the world - as their lives revolve around hapchance, ours is really a “purpose driven life“…without trying to manifest a purpose driven life.on our own accord :)

I think what I meant by “we are the Bible” is possibly the fact that everything the Bible prophesied about, we live out.

Which is really amazing - I love discovering what it is to be in Christ!!! His Grace never ceases to astound me

Yeah cool Adam - I look forward to hearing this very much - Yesterday's audio was amazing and powerful.

I listened to this and felt such tenderness and warmth coming from you both. I was teary-eyed in listening to you ,as the Father's heart resonates with me. And honestly, there were more in the first half of the audio, but I'm content for now to leave you with this. :)

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Tears … as from the father himself! :)


I've been meaning to write this comment, and want to do it now before the next audio. Father so used this audio to bring me back to reality when I had my little excursion into law through fleshly reasoning. Adam, your illustration of the Colorado sunsets being seen through the silhouette of a mountain most days, and the subsequent conversation around that was just one of the things said that was so powerfully used by Father to bring me back to the mind of Christ.

Just wanted to let you know how appreciated you both are.......... Julie

In the face of all the oppressing mindset, I am suffering from the fear to be joyous.

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My dear Cory, I’m not sure where you’re coming from with this question, so could you tell me more about what is going on with you in this?


Cory, don't worry - you're not alone! On the surface, there's a lot NOT to be joyous about; the deterioration of our world, our own flesh, it can be very overwhelming…and sad. Just know it is your TRUE SELF that is 100% joyous and eventually you'll grow in this joy.

Don't see joy from the perspective of the world, that is to be happy all the time. See it for what it truly is, the reality of Christ in YOU.

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I guess what I’m saying is that while it is a good thing to realize that you cannot make his life happen, you don’t have to be afraid of planning or scheduling or getting together …. because he is the one who works through all things. source