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20 Oct 2015

Look Again!

Submitted by theshovel

Remember how Jesus healed the one man of blindness where at first all he could see was “men like trees walking” until the second touch where he could see things as they really were

16 Oct 2015

Equally Judged

Submitted by theshovel

The good news of Jesus is not about which group is better than the other, but that all are equally judged through Christ’s death on the cross, and that God no longer holds men’s sins against them

10 Oct 2015

Voices of the World

Submitted by theshovel

Disguised as something worth your time and attention, the voices of the world call to you each and every day. Don’t fear them. Instead, put them to the test by asking yourself what they really say about Christ and what is actually being inserted in place of him as your only connection to God.


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Re:Prayer. "For me, I will count on His working in me, and I will find encouragement in the knowing that His Spirit doesn't stop interpreting the incomprehensible desires of Christ in me." source

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