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31 Oct 2015

If those who are born after the flesh cannot produce anything other than fleshly results, why would we ever follow after their agendas, their teachings, their philosophies, their advice, their rules, their interpretations of God’s words, their form of godliness, their judgments, and so on?

27 Oct 2015

What do we need to prove?

Submitted by theshovel

Too often we become bound by the need to validate ourselves according to what appears to be, rather than according to Christ alone. Too easily we become trapped, constantly seeking the verification that God is working in our lives, rather than simply living as those alive in Christ

25 Oct 2015

While in Bible college, I often heard the quote, “If you were accused of being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?” At the time, I also used it to stir up enough guilt to silence those who were not actively engaged in spreading the gospel as we had been taught to

21 Oct 2015

A Dealer of Sin?

Submitted by theshovel

If the life to which Christ has called us is in fact based upon a seeking of acceptance in Christ so that our continued following Him (whatever one believes this to be) only proves how unacceptable we are, then Christ would be nothing but a dealer or an enforcer of sin


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If you are one who believes in Christ, then you have been made alive in Him AND YOU ARE DEPENDENT UPON HIM FOR YOUR VERY LIFE. source

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