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14 Nov 2015

Reignite the Love

Submitted by theshovel

Why do so many people hear the words of Jesus in fear and trepidation and the miraculous life of Christ as being little more than pie in the sky? How can we reignite the love, grace and freedom we once experienced at the beginning?

12 Nov 2015

Not in ignorance

Submitted by theshovel

Live your lives, NOT according to the ignorance that only appears valid to those who are drunk on it, BUT according to the very wisdom of God who is causing us to know what it is to be alive in Christ

9 Nov 2015


Submitted by theshovel

“Time doesn’t matter, only life matters.” — from the movie, The Fifth Element. Of all that we think most important, one truth stands above all: life


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"Seeking to be justified in Christ" is a statement regarding the religious perversion of the satisfaction Christ brought about, for he put an end to that endless search. source

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