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28 Nov 2015

Being Strong

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What problems have you begged God to remove from your life? After all, shouldn’t trusting God mean that he will provide everything instead of you having to struggle through so much? And does financial failure mean that you have missed out on something that should be in your life? How many times have you asked God to remove these kinds of hindrances from your life so that you could be successful? But then, what if those things remain purposely so that you are strong?

27 Nov 2015

Our purpose in Christ

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we tend to limit our hearts by allowing ourselves to only see on the surface and in a very limited scope.  our purpose is found in the Person of Christ Himself.  that is huge in scope and beyond what we see on the surface.  in Christ we are found.  huge!  the New Creation is GOD's plan and HE will be True to HIMself and HIS purpose in and with us. 

22 Nov 2015

Real Life

Submitted by theshovel

Keep the real Christ in your thoughts - and even let it carry you away - for HIS life is so very real, and very connected to true relationship with those around you!

21 Nov 2015

Living Free

Submitted by theshovel

To live like who you really are is to live free, for that is what you are. When you and I attempt to figure out HOW to do this, it can only come across as being some difficult requirement

16 Nov 2015


Submitted by theshovel

If you are afraid of what the spiritual elite would find against you, then you might want to consider the scrutiny Jesus had to deal with


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I came to learn more about the miraculous mind of the spirit of God within me through the battles I assumed I needed to win ... in the name of Christ, of course. :)   source

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