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21 Dec 2015

God Knows the Reality

Submitted by theshovel

Another dig from my wife: GOD knows the reality of the heart that man only thinks he sees and knows. The New Creation of GOD in Christ has the heart and mind of Christ and is growing in the very Nature of GOD

9 Dec 2015

A Miraculous Release

Submitted by theshovel

Forgiveness is a miraculous release given by God. No, not just the fact that God no longer holds my sins against me, but that he has also taken every other sin out of the way so there is nothing left for me to hold against another. To know Christ’s love for me and not to see this is to live as insane.

8 Dec 2015

Seeing Him

Submitted by theshovel

The bogus battle waged in the mind of the flesh is the only thing that would cause me to fear myself, for in seeing who I really am I see HIM.

7 Dec 2015

Can Grace Make You Antinomian?

Submitted by theshovel

One of the traditional warnings used against the message of grace comes in the form of an ominous sounding accusation that's guaranteed to create fear in the hearts of hungry believers. The frightening indictment is antinomianism, and I suspect that the very sound of the word has scared off a good number of folks who haven't a clue as to what an antinomian really is but only fear becoming one of its unwitting victims

3 Dec 2015

A Minister's Only Qualification

Submitted by theshovel

Many who hold official positions in today’s churches and other institutions stand upon qualifications that are based upon the opinions of those considered important by those who consider themselves important. And if that describes you, I encourage you to reconsider what it means to stand upon the one and only qualification, which is the very spirit of Christ.


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Our problem is that we are so easily made to feel unworthy, and therefore, ashamed to stand before him source

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