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11 Jan 2016

True or False

Submitted by theshovel

Jesus Christ either is the son of God who hung on the cross and rose again or he is not. It is not true because of the fact that it is written. It is true because it is true or it is false because it is false

10 Jan 2016

How do we not judge?

Submitted by theshovel

In the beginning, judgment required personal contact. Despite many obstacles and difficulties, it spread like wildfire. But the world cried out for more ways to accuse and blame one another, and so it jumped on the airwaves and telephone lines until it filled every hour of every day. But it was still not enough

9 Jan 2016

The Body of Sin?

Submitted by theshovel

The body of sin is the empty container of the flesh, which is what men own as their identity. It is rooted in the perception of the natural mind, even in that of the religious mind

3 Jan 2016

Seeing Through the Smokescreen

Submitted by theshovel

It used to puzzle me as to why Jesus would have rebuked the same kind of people who are highly regarded examples of spirituality in the modern church, especially since he often rubbed shoulders with those regarded unclean. I mean, I understood it as a concept, but I suspect that I, like the rich young ruler, would have had my perceptions shattered. However, as my religious smokescreen began to clear, I slowly lost my confusion over Jesus' behavior

1 Jan 2016

Resolve to Fail

Submitted by theshovel

It’s the new year again. The calendar has been reset. It’s time to start over. There’s a real opportunity to make some changes. Make those resolutions. Do it now! Write them down. Things will be different this year. It won’t be like last year. Or the year before that. Okay, so it won’t be like every other year. But this is a new year. Anything is possible. Now, where did I put that list I made?


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You know what I discovered at this witnessing Bible college? I wasn’t very good at it. source

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