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30 Jan 2016

Measuring Sticks

Submitted by theshovel

Forget the accuracy by which you might prove yourself wrong or right, for this is the wisdom you learned in the world. You have not learned it in Christ. Do not be caught unaware, for you are even now being pressured to conform to the measuring sticks of the world, including those of the religious world

28 Jan 2016

Cast the Mountain Into the Sea

Submitted by theshovel

I do not believe that Jesus made up some kind of hypothetical prayer or theological fodder that would never get asked or fulfilled, but that he spoke of his very purpose in having come. For when Jesus died and rose again, he had cast the mountain of bondage into the sea. The hypocrites who had set themselves up in the seat of Moses were removed. A new owner was brought in to reign over a new creation.

27 Jan 2016

In Between the Plateaus

Submitted by theshovel

I’d rather share how it everything ties together in Christ than to tell you what I want you to believe. If that means leaving you hanging, wondering what I’m trying to get at, I’m okay with it. The truth is that I’ve learned far more from the in-betweens than from any so-called plateau.

25 Jan 2016

Not Conformed

Submitted by theshovel

“…and be not conformed to this world…” To the religious mind, such a statement only makes sense as referring to cultural things it (or its group) considers offensive. After all, how could the naturally-bound mind understand that this unwanted conformity refers to life as it perceives it?

24 Jan 2016

As it truly is

Submitted by theshovel

If we were to insist upon viewing reality as it truly is in Christ we might just discover what our hearts already know. For in the place where the world’s widely-differing views of perception have no standing at all, their related confusion simply melts away into meaninglessness

21 Jan 2016

Taking Care of Business?

Submitted by theshovel

The world’s wisdom demands that we need to take care of business because it believes that nothing will happen unless WE do it. The logic of the fleshly mind scoffs at the absurdity that any real value is found in the expectation of God’s promise. That old logic can accept a BALANCE between flesh and spirit, but it’s nothing more than lip-service, which is the basis of religion.

20 Jan 2016

Expressions of Hopelessness

Submitted by theshovel

When you plead with God to keep you from falling into whatever sin you believe yourself to be trapped in, upon what basis do you present your case? Do you make promises in exchange for help? Do you profess your heartfelt desire to change? Do you beg God to make you new? Do you grovel before Him as an unworthy sinner?

18 Jan 2016


Submitted by theshovel

Wherever you turn there is someone whose very identity hangs upon the morality they heap upon you. In truth, we have all played the part, and it is only in the miraculous new life of Christ we have found freedom from it. Even then, in our insanity, we quickly jump back into the role. True life in the resurrected Christ … there is simply no replacement for it.

12 Jan 2016

Pictures of Jesus

Submitted by theshovel

Pictures of Jesus. You've seen them … they're everywhere. Not sure what Jesus looks like? Seek and you shall find hundreds, if not thousands. There are images of baby Jesus, boy Jesus, grown-up Jesus, praying Jesus, dancing Jesus, crucified Jesus, resurrected Jesus, and so on. Don't like your Savior white? Not to worry, you can find one who looks more like you


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Believe me, I know what it is to hear one lie after another spoken with such sincerity that it breaks your heart to question it. source

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