1 Nov 2015

You don't have what it takes!

Submitted by theshovel

When Jesus talked about following him, especially in view of taking up his cross, the message was simple because it declared that they didn’t have what it took to follow him. What should this do for us? It highlights the amazing reality of God’s grace toward us in making us the righteousness of God and giving us His Spirit. It is no surprise that we now want to follow Jesus into his death … and resurrection.



… that because HE has made us a New Creation, we have and are everything we need to be, for HE has declared it so of us in Christ Jesus and because of Jesus Christ.  :)  we follow because HE has called us.  we hear HIM because as New Creations we have ears to hear.  we are HIS and HE IS ours.  i LOVE that!  :)  i also love that we believe HIM because we are His believing ones.  it is a wonderful thing to know who we have been made in and for and because of Him!  :)  thank you for always encouraging us in this!  :)


Following brings this image to my mind: I follow but sometime I wander into the ditch or I fall down but Jesus says "no, get back on the road" or "here I'll give you a hand to get up".

I'm not ok, you're not okay. Now when we believe Christ's perfect sacrifice, we're both ok.

Sorry to butt-in here, I know this is off the Daily Dig topic today, but I just finished reading "How far to go in the freedom side" on this shovel web site. A great read between Jim and Joyce that brings to light more of the true LIFE in Christ that resides in us. Excellent! - Take some time and look it up.

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He has been stripping away all confidence from us, and we misunderstand it because it is so painful, but He brings us to believe... and that is why we speak source