25 Apr 2015

Why do so few understand?

Submitted by theshovel

If, through Christ, the understanding is already within believers why do so few understand? Maybe because we are continually being encouraged (i.e. sidetracked) by the spirit of this world to overlook the miraculous wisdom we have in Christ. Christ is our wisdom. He is our understanding, and this understanding cannot be measured. And yet, I suspect we keep trying to force a measurement upon it so that we might figure out how we compare to one another in this understanding.

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Good to see you posting Jim...Nergo nice to hear from you!

A great word. Jim. Really enjoying these Daily Digs. Always directing us to the real life and grace that we have in Christ because of His amazing love for us. His life within us is so pure, genuine and simple. It appears obscure, boring and mundane to the natural mind but it's freedom, rest, and real Life at its very best. It is miraculous! Thank you again, Jim, for your years of testimony, faithfulness, and sharing of your heart of the true Life that we have in Christ. Through Christ in you, dear brother, my life has been changed.

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A comment like this makes it all worth it! Thank you my brother.

“I suspect we keep trying to force a measurement upon it so that we might figure out how we compare to one another in this understanding.”  <–theshovel

it comes from that lie that demands that we 'prove' ourselves to ourselves and to one another and amongst one another, as having value and/or worth to GOD.  as if we could.  only according to that antichrist mind that is in the world are we 'required' to do such a thing.  and yet that mind will never be happy or satisfied with such 'proofs'.  they are fickle and ever-changing demands.  even if they weren't, we would still be found out to not be of that evil mind anyway.  it is all a futile game of bondage to be caught up in.  it is not a game we need to play!  our value and worth are completely Sourced in and from Him Who is in us, the New Creations that we have been made.  NOTHING else.  NOONE else.  just HIM and HIM alone!  too bad, so sad that He is not dramatic enough nor sufficient enough for some.  yet He is faithful and will show them in His due time, situations, circumstances, etc.  i was once deceived as well, that He was not sufficient, therefore i had neither worth, nor value in that deceived mentality.  but then … GODHE does HIS works no matter what 'mentality' may be at play.  HE works in the midst of it and despite it!  and thank GOD!  :)


the spirit of this world … the nature of that spirit being to deceive … to disturb … that spirit is waaay out of control!  deception run amok!  breeding fear, guilt, shame … everything can come from fear by itself.  fear that the gospel of Christ is just 'too good to be true' …  fear that total forgiveness is too good to be true …  fear from various doubts that convince a heart and mind that the work of GOD in, through, with and by Christ Jesus could not have possibly been sufficient enough on its own … dot dot dot … fill in the blanks ____________. 

i discover over and over that even in the midst of the doubts and deceptions, there is  still the work of that miraculous Spirit-Life within that always speaks to me, comforting me and soothing me with thoughts that Christ is my ALL and that everything else i may wrestle with is simply 'everything else'.  the more i may wrestle with what that spirit in the world is trying to distract me with, the more HE  comforts me with thoughts of 'you can not add one iota to what I have accomplished.  rest from your unnecessary struggling to try to convince Me, yourself and/or anyone else that you can and/or need to prove yourself to Me.' 

there can be so many years of hearing the din of noise created from that deceiving spirit that is in the world doing its damnable damage!  how well and effective it does so!  yet, for those who belong to the LIVING ONE, HIS voice and HIS heart and HIS life and all that HE IS, is within us and works from within working outward.  the deceiving one has to work from the outside, constantly chipping away at us to get in.  

yet, there is no 'in' for him.  it is all bogus .. delusion .. illusion built upon delusion.  the FATHER says that he can NOT touch us!  distract with deception, yes.  but it is all a lie.  the lie he spins is not our Reality!  it often 'feels' like it is.  it often 'appears' like it, but … it is not. 

the FATHER is in the business of breaking those glass walls of illusion, sending them crashing to the bottomless pit from where they came, revealing the lie for what it is.  Each time this is done, HE reveals HIMself to us as HE has always been and always will be … HE reveals HIMself to us from within us as the New Creation HE has made us in Christ. 

we are convinced all too often that all the 'everything else' that we experience and endure has been 'waste' and 'for nothing', but … not true.  out of the burning ashes is left the beautiful and wonderous reality of HIM in us and us in HIM … the Miracle and fruit of the work of Christ!  the True Revelation!  :) the Revelation of HIMself!!  this Revelation is seen so vividly by the dark contrast of what is shown to us to not be Him.  :)


Great commentS, Dignz. ... really good insight. Thank you for sharing!!

for sharing nergo!  :)  hugs to you and the fam.  it has been a while. 

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