3 Apr 2015

Who Turns the Grace of God into License?

Submitted by theshovel

Men who turn the grace of God into license are those who use the law to their own advantage. These are not those who are free from the law but instead those who have learned to manipulate the law so that they appear righteous by the law. Consider the fact that those who Jesus called licentious ones were none other than the religious men who kept trying to set him up by Scriptural tricks and deception. Is it any surprise that this same mind would find itself a comfortable spot to operate within the message of the grace of God in Christ? It was this same mind that James addressed in his letter and which has also been twisted so that it appears to warn against the true grace of Christ. These are the men that Paul said want to be teachers of the law, and yet they don’t understand what they are saying. This same mind is all around us, and it desires to suck us in by trickery and deception. The short letter of Jude is an excellent message showing the simple difference between the mind of life and the mind of death. Never fear it! :)

For certain persons have crept in unnoticed, those who were long beforehand marked out for this condemnation, ungodly persons who turn the grace of our God into licentiousness and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ. Jude 1:4

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don't even have to worry about that anymore these days … the creeping in.  they are welcomed with open arms and looked up to and believed and followed with the whole heart and mind.  the lies and deception that were generated and perpetuated back in the day have been passed down from generation to generation until it is all simple accepted 'truth' and very 'fundamental' teaching in today's claims and many varied versions of 'christianity'. 

as nergo confessed, we have probably all claimed and perpetuated a lot of the same deception ourselves at one time or another, or even LOTS of times, not knowing any better, as that is the very nature of being 'deceived'.

a lot of today's so called christianity is not much more than a blending of many different religious AND pagan beliefs and superstitions without even realizing it.  some of the most sincere and genuine of hearts have been deceived to the point that they teach and preach what many in the past had to 'sneak in' and 'spy out' to infiltrate.  not that they don't still, just sayin' …. off the top of my silly head … this is what came to mind …. i think it supports what is being said here.  blush   ???   LOL  laugh 


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That is so true about how false messengers are warmly received in much of Christianity today. It’s a mixed up mess, that’s for sure.

"Men ... USING the law...." Yes , the law mindset is automatic. It just occurs. And then, in another conversation the same law mind will say, "Yes, we are saved by grace not by works." In many cases it's not even intentional they just respond naturally in the flesh not really knowing what they are saying. I have responded the same myself many times. I appreciate the insight that Jim and others have shared. Thank you, Bro.

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I love how you express this, my friend Nergo. That legal mind will produce whatever words and confessions it thinks will help validate itself.


A great word of insight my friend.



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