1 Jul 2013

The Psychological Lies We Tell Ourselves

Submitted by theshovel

I can’t even begin the count the number of ways I’ve had psychological lies thrown in my direction – and those are just the ones that have bounced around inside my own head. I don’t care who you are, what group your belong to, what degrees you might hold, or what level you imagine yourself to have achieved, you have absorbed so many of these lies that you have learned to make a comfortable place for them in your life. For instance, you might have come to accommodate many falsehoods by using the common excuse, “I can’t help it … that’s just the way I am!” Yeah, I also know what it is to play the victim. On the flip side, you might have taken a more aggressive approach by owning some of these deceits as being part of your personality.

By the way, if you suspect at all that I’m personally targeting you and your accommodated network of lies, you might want to take a closer look at what it is that is prompting your reaction. The thing that stirred me to write this came from a recent dialog with a friend … and I can’t even remember what the specific thing was that made it memorable enough to comment on. You see, the specific set of lies we’ve accepted doesn’t have any bearing upon the truth that we’ve somehow incorporated it into our thought processes. The ugly part of this whole thing is that we’ve been intimidated into accepting any part of the lie as defining our lives. My friends, Christ has already put the thing that is built upon lies to death. Right now, recognize it as such, for you have the mind of Christ. Stop giving the psychological fabrications of the world any credence regarding your own life. Don’t let the lies of the world intimidate you into some crazy attempt to define yourself.



Adam, It wasn't necessarily myself that I was thinking of but of 'those' that desire to pull me into it. It has wearied me. It was probably in a broader sense that I read this. Jim wrote: "Christ has already put the thing that is built upon lies to death." Yes, a peaceful resonation that my life has been made New though another Life that has given me completion.

Thank you my dear brother for another encouragement in that. :)

I hear you. So much of the Truth comes with this contrast when we share with one another , especially in the face of lies.

All I know is that I love this. I have a great deal of peace reading it, and I love the wholeness there is in it. :)

Mary, you have captured the very essence of what it means to have the spirit you know that? The books, the songs the rules can only testify to something that lives IN you!!!



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