30 Jan 2015

The message is the same

Submitted by theshovel

The message is the same. It is the knowledge of Christ Jesus the One who was crucified and raised again. It is everything involved in the reality of what He accomplished on the cross. Through Him we have been made alive to God! To be filled with this knowledge is what causes us to walk in a worthy manner! Why “worthy”? Knowing this will of “Christ in us” is the Only thing that causes up to walk as those who are raised from the dead…and this is what is pleasing in His sight. Otherwise, we spend our days living like everybody else, DESPERATELY TRYING to achieve. This is the very thing He has delivered us from, and it is not worthy of God! Didn’t we exist long enough in the dead zone? Aren’t you sick of that old life of failure?

From an old Shoveletter: Filled with the knowledge of His will

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i LOVE that shoveletter article!!  it is so wonderful and encouraging!!  :)  a PERFECT little 'devotional'!!  ;)


the mind of man will always be seeking for more, because without the knowledge of GOD the mind of man will never be satisfied or convinced of such worthiness without having the mind of Christ and the Spirit of GOD to reveal such to him. 

it is a refreshing and relieving experience to know such deep confidence and assurance and truth comes to man from GOD HIMself, because it can NOT come from any where else or any one else, and certainly not from man himself.  to know it is a MIRACLE LIFE from within that is Sourced and INextricably linked to and with GOD HIMself in Christ Jesus in us is … well … blows GODless human reasoning into oblivion!  smiley

to have such clarity seems to come in spurts and moments and sometimes longer periods … for whatever reason or reasons.  they are most precious times of embracing, luxuriating, delighting and rejoicing in! bouncy

basking in HIS delight with you, for HE has made us HIS delight in Christ Jesus!  smiley think on these things!  smiley


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Another wonderful life-filled message! Thanks, Sherri


thank Y O U!!   heart

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