14 Mar 2015

The Legal Basis of Licentiousness

Submitted by theshovel

Do you not realize that the grace of God provides no basis, no foundation for license or licentiousness? Just a simple consideration of license should make it clear that it revolves around legalities. For example, a license to drive or a license to do business is fully integrated into the legal system, so that it has no meaning apart from it. One cannot be licensed without law, and it makes absolutely no sense otherwise. There must be a standard of conduct or a code of requirements from which one can deviate so that it can be said that one is licentious. Such people are those who do not adhere to whatever standard has been set, whether laws of God or man.

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GRACE please and thank you!!  :)  

isn't it strange how so many christians believe it to be 'too much grace' that is the problem with 'licentiousness'.  grace and law have NOTHING to do with each other!  yay!   it is LAW that creeps in that seeks to nullify and shut out grace!  it is looked at 'backasswards', (a description Pop was so fond of saying).  :)

yes, i love the daily digs too!  i can't always keep up with them, but when i can they are AWESOME!!  :)  like little 'devotionals', for lack of better word.  well … the better words ARE 'daily digs'!  :)  duh …

anyway … cheers to the digs and cheers to the diggers and cheers to the shovel!  :)


I really been enjoying these daily digs, Jim. Thanks for sharing.

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I appreciate the feedback, my friend. It encourages me to continue doing it. :)


Jim,i stop by everyday and check for a new daily dig and am adding my positive feedback to Adams.Hope this helps encourage you to keep doing toosmiley

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Thank you, Dave! :)


Excellent! yesyesyes


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Thanks Adam! :)

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