8 Jul 2015

The Knowing Resonates Within

Submitted by theshovel

The knowing resonates within us convincing us of what is real. We are set free to know what it is we are really hearing as we move from life into life.

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Thank you all ,for your words of encouragement.
I have been reading this site for years before getting the courage to post anything. I have been trying to absorb and understand the Grace of God, and this site has been a godsend to me.
I,m gonna blab a little OK?

Today is my birthday , I circled the Sun 56 times so far, and guess what I did?
I took off work to spend the day with my daughter. She was gone all last week , she went to California, to do her senior project for next year.( Job shadow in the music industry, my nephew works at Capital records).I could not afford this so my wonderful sister paid for it all. And she took her.
So any way I am a single Dad, my wife died when my daughter was 22 months old, she will be 18 years old this year. She slept late this morning and we made pancakes for breakfast. She gave me a card and probably the best birthday present I ever received. When she was in California she went to some tar pit place and got me a spider made out of a spark plug! She made my day!
I always wanted one of those? LOL! It fits perfect next to my fish tank skull that I kept after our fish died. That's a whole story itself.
Any way, I refuse to feel guilty about slacking off at work for a day, and I am waiting for a possible call from a job interview I went on a few weeks ago.
This job is at a local college and if I get the job my daughter will be able to get her degree for free, the tuition is waived for employees. I am in the HVAC field and there is an opening for a mechanic. You all know how this goes, the waiting and hoping.
My front burner on my stove died about 2 years ago I got around to ordering that today. My van has a lot of problems, trying to fix it a part at a time.
I guess I'm done blabbing for now.

I want to say that I love you guys and appreciate this place and I actually see the Love here, because all the bullshit has been shoveled away.

Thank You DIGNZ and JIM .

enjoyed reading you so very much!  :)  precious story about your daughter and i am hoping and praying toward GOD supplying that wonderful sounding situation with the job that could work out for both you and your daughter.  :) 

i am happy that you are not allowing guilt to creep in concerning a day off for yourself.  :)  we need that sometimes, ya know?  would love to see that spider out of a spark plug!  lol  i love that kind of creative unique stuff.  and some day you will have to share the fish story with us.  being a fish story, we will be expecting the usual exaggeration that goes with such stories, sad or happy.  ;)  wink wink  still tho', sorry to hear about your fish loss.  i have a beautiful blue betta called scarlette.  he is called scarlette because he has a cuppla long scarlet ribbon fins dangling under his beautiful blue neck.  quite lovely really.  he is very flowy.  :)  he was a birthday gift to me from our grand-daughter and daughter in february.  :)  he is still alive so far and that is a miracle in itself as far as i am concerned.  was never really all that great with fish.  sighhhh …. 

where would we be without you HVAC folks!!  how did people ever live without air conditioning and heating?!  south florida would be UNbearable and UNliveable for me personally without the air conditioning.  i am extremely sensitive to the heat!  yes, we still live in the wrong part of the world!  i am a constantly wilting transplant here!  some day we hope to be in the Appalachian mountains, but that is one of those 'dream' hopes.  :)

i will stop blabbing now and send you happy birthday hugs and please share them with your daughter.  :) please do also keep us posted as to how things go concerning the new job if it comes about.  :)

thank you so very much for taking the chance to share with us!  :)  it is always so very special and wonderful to hear from someone who has been around for years and just never let us know!  :)  it is always a precious revelation!  :)


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I’m about to head out the door to pickup my grandson for a trip to the gym, but I wanted to thank you for posting this wonderful insight into your life and experience … and to wish you a happy birthday!


Thank you for your response. After years of "conditioning' the damage needs to be healed. It's like taking a beating on a daily basis and saying I love you. I want to run away from it.
Then I think of the beating that Christ took, and his execution, and I think , what went so wrong to make this happen? This is part of the mystery. And I cringe thinking that I am partly responsible, because I am part of the Human race that He came to save from the sentence of death ,because of my sin.
I am in debt, I was bought with a price. I want to honor Him.
But I keep failing miserably.

wow arnold, that is an excellent description of the abuses of religion using GOD as its  excuse and justification!  it has nothing to do with love.  even with good intentions, it is still full of the empty futility of human effort and the desperation for control. 

i hear ya and feel ya!    be at peace brother as far as any debt goes.  that price was paid in full, no strings attached.  to be convinced that we still owe puts an 'insufficient funds' stamp on the price Jesus paid, without us even realizing it.  GOD is completely satisfied, thanx be to HIS wondrous provision in Christ.  heart

perhaps we confuse debt with our feelings of extreme gratefulness, appreciation and thankfulness.  debt tends to cause feelings of fear, guilt and shame because we do not nor can we ever pay such a debt.  (in this case a bogus debt after the fact).  what GOD has done for us through Jesus Christ produces in our hearts feelings of indescribable thankfulness, praise and gratitude.  :)

HE has made us worthy by making us New.  we were not worthy before.  we were hopeless cases.  then Hope came.  Hope is a Person … the only Person Who was made our Hope from the very SOURCE of HOPE, GOD HIMself.  It is all quite beyond sufficient description, isn't it.  we had to be made New!  there was nothing worthy in the old.

we are encouraged to walk as the already worthy ones we have been made, not indebted ones, walking in fear, guilt and/or shame.  a huge difference.  your indescribable feelings of thankfulness toward HIM are part and parcel with that wonderful, miraculous walk.  it is a walk of confidence and peace not always seen, felt nor found outwardly, nor always felt inwardly,  but instead is always found secure in what we know to be true because of what GOD has done … what HE has accomplished through Jesus Christ … what HE has said is true about us. do not be deceived or discouraged, for all is not as it 'appears'.  we are those who walk by faith and not by sight.

be encouraged dear brother, for you do honor Him in all those indescribable feelings of gratitude and thankfulness, which by the way also come from HIM. :)  HE is honored in your realization that religion is NOT of HIM nor is it of LOVE.  this realization is also from HIM.  all praise and honor are HIS.  that is the point.  :)  

we know and can remind one another that LOVE is SOURCED from GOD HIMself.  not from man-made religions of any and every flavor of creative imaginings sourced from pure deception.  without GOD, that is all that man has - creative man-made religions seeking to reach GOD on their own merit and effort while abusing one another, climbing and crawling over one another under the guise of 'helping' one another, or even the other extreme of self-mutilation, self-punishment, self-abasement, etc.  (colossians 2:23).  it is all pure futility, vanity and emptiness.  we know that bondage all too well, trying to find and/or produce any hope in our lives while waiting for our end, hoping that GOD will accept us in all our efforts, even tho' we know it is still hopeless.  it is a never-ending desperate, empty, sometimes very vicious cycle.  thank GOD in Christ Jesus that He has put an end to that bondage for us.  to be redundant again, He Is our Hope and we are found in Him.  He is the end of all that bondage for us.  :)

you honor HIM because HE has made you honorable.  we were not honorable before being made a New Creation.  HE IS honored in all that HE has accomplished and continues to accomplish in and through us.  we are not always made privy to HIS working in us.  yet by faith we know that HE is always doing so, for HE is our sustainer in these temporary containers.  :)  to be redundant, all praise is HIS.  :)

i send you hugs for your heart dear arnold.  heart

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Most excellent encouragement, my dear Sherri!

Arnold, my brother, please take heart, because in the midst of your struggle you are being conformed to Christ. And that’s not in spite of what you’re going through, for God is working all the things you’ve gone through and everything yet to come so that He can show the wondrous grace to you in a very special and intimate way.

I relate to some of what you describe, especially where you ask, “What has gone so wrong?” for this to happen as it did to Christ. As we are being conformed to the fellowship of his sufferings, we cannot help but express the same things he did when he cried out to his father, “Why have you forsaken me?” And though it seems that we have been forsaken, we never are!

Your father is bringing an answer to you in the midst of all you’re going through. It is an answer that is both simple and profound. As you come to realize the simplicity of it, you will both wonder why you didn’t see it before, and you will also realize that you have been seeing it all along. The simplicity of it all will cause you to see everything in a whole new light, and you will come to see the testimony of HIS working in the things you may have despised or questioned or thought he could not be involved in.

Jim :)

“Your father is bringing an answer to you in the midst of all you’re going through. It is an answer that is both simple and profound. As you come to realize the simplicity of it, you will both wonder why you didn’t see it before, and you will also realize that you have been seeing it all along. The simplicity of it all will cause you to see everything in a whole new light, and you will come to see the testimony of HIS working in the things you may have despised or questioned or thought he could not be involved in.” ^theshovel


After many decades of going through the insanity of religion, just like the rest of you , I also am trying to see the true meaning of life in Christ. But I seem to still have a pretty big problem accepting the truth.
I keep pushing God away from my life. Or so it seems. I have this battle in my mind and I can't seem to know if I am really getting it.
My view of God not very healthy, but somehow there is a desire to want to know Him, but at the same time I am afraid of Him.
I have fallen into horrendous sin time and time again. I struggle all the time with this messed up heart of mine. Does He really accept me like this?
So many things have gone wrong in my life that I feel like a condemned man, on the one hand, and so many wonderful things have happened ,on the other hand ,that I can't make heads or tails of this life.
I have been shattered inside and so have multitudes of people. And wondering if God will have mercy on me and help me seems to be unrealistic to me. It seems like I am waiting hopelessly for God to fix me, before its to late and I die. It's a crappy feeling.
I think stuff like, if only I was around when Christ was on the earth and I could have went to Him, then I would have been healed. Now He is somewhere else and its to late. Now I have to talk to an invisible spirit. And since I can't see it, is it really here?
Sometimes I think I am going insane. Am I talking to myself ,and trying to convince myself that I am talking to God? Maybe I am having a discussion with my ID? LOL ,God is awesome. I probably have some brain damage from all the wreckless things I did in my life.
Romans 8:38-39King James Version (KJV)

38 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,

39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

He Himself is the True meaning and Source of Life in you.  :)  that is the good news.  He did  not accept the old dead thing that we were.  He created a whole New Creation and that is our True Identity and miraculous Reality.  :)  it is a Spiritual Life and Reality Living in and out of the temporal that we find ourselves inside.  we will never be satisfied with trying to prove it to ourselves or anyone else by viewing from the outside. 

we don't need to be 'fixed'.  there had to be a death and a New Life Creation.  paul said we should consider ourselves to have died with Him and raised to New Life with Him.  we are not 'broken' like religion would have us believe and to be in bondage to.  we are eternal beings encased in a very temporal shell/mortal coil that will one day be replaced by the indestructible and immortal.  it is a miraculous Life.  :)

our fear comes from being conditioned to think that it is all too good to be True for us and to us.  we have been made MORE than the 'wrong' and the 'wonderful' perceived moments and experiences, circumstances and situations in this temporal life.  they do not define us.  we are defined in Christ.  we are found in Christ.  we are New in Christ.  our true Lives are hidden with GOD in Christ Jesus. 

“I probably have some brain damage from all the wreckless things I did in my life.” 

lol  you are not alone in those 'feelings' i am sure.  :)   but you do not have to find who you are from your conditioned thoughts.  who you are is not found there.  you are found elsewhere … you are in Him and He is in you and we are in Him altogether.  how do you explain that to any satisfaction, especially to any one in, from and of the world?  it can only be known from that Life that is within you and is you.  :)  it will resonate within you and witness within you that these things are true, even tho you may not be able to put it into any satisfactory terms.

 i hope you find some encouragement in Him and by Him and from Him … the fact that you desire it so is a GOOD and GOD thing!  :)


Great word, Dignz, Thanks for sharing.

hello nergo  :)  please give my greetings and hugs to your fam and have them hug you back for me.  :)


Dear Arnold,

After briefly reading you, I wonder if you might be struggling with the Law and the temptation to confuse IT with Christ Jesus.


After decades of fear, frustration and confusion I am just beginning to dwell in that knowing Jesus died for me is enough. It is His gift to believe.

Me too... In a way ... Except my decades where spent without resting in any confidence that I tried to mustard up from the many churches or Bible study groups I attended. I understand what you are saying , csnarnia. It's been a miracle for me. As I felt myself giving up trying, I felt complacent but the rest and assurance in Christ just occurred. I had to get out of the way of myself. Thanks for sharing.

I would go as far to say that in reality Knowing should precede what most people call the salvation experience or that salvation,true salvation is a result of knowing. anything else is a shadow.

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Excellent insights my brother!

i think the knowing is one of the most important overlooked aspects of our christian life. how many people say the sinners prayer and yet never get to the real meat of knowing. the kicker is “the knowing” the revelation of Christ only comes as a gift. we can't learn,work or study our way into it. that is knowledge, not knowing. real revelation,knowing him comes when we stop working and start listening for him. when real knowing comes,it can never be undone.

i LOVE that!  the knowing!  :)  it is awesome!   :)


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