19 Oct 2015

The Good News Bears Fruit

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Know this: The good news has been continuously bearing fruit in you as it also does throughout the world. And this work of God has been increasing in you ever since the day you heard it.

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love and hugs to you both, hannah and adam  :)  this is my first time getting back on theshovel in weeks, maybe even over a month now.  this was my first read since then  and WOW what a heart hugger it is!!  LOVE it!  :)


She immediately asked this morning if you responded..we read together.



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So cool! :)

heartheartheart “To Jim,  I really hope you feel better! And I hope your body develops good later. You have really pleased me since the time I have known you. You are very nice and I hope you will be better really soon! Did you know that my Daddy really thinks that you are a really good father too?”  



P.S. you are taking really good care of your self. And you are giving advise, right [to your kids]? i and my Daddy LOVE YOU soooooo much, just like me and my Daddy.[Adam] From: Fort Collins C.O.

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Dear Hannah, thank you so much for sending this message through your Daddy! He is a wonderful man, and I know that he is a wonderful dad and that he loves you so much. It means a lot to me to know that you are thinking of me. I think of you often, and I keep up with what your Daddy posts on FB about you. :) Love, Jim


A brother who always encourages…heart



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