18 Mar 2016

The B-I-B-L-E

Submitted by theshovel

Whatever God had actually spoken to individuals in times past - whether recorded or not - ultimately testified of Christ, who is the EVERYTHING of God. Somehow, though, our Christian perspective on those collected written words forces them to serve as our textbook or owner's manual or as some call it: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. I wonder where we get the idea that this is distinctly Christian? How is it then that this mindset instigates the same concepts and reactions in our Christian marketplace as it did with the Jews when Jesus walked among them?

From Is The Bible Our Owner's Manual?

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most excellent dig and comments  :)

Great ponderings David.

oh and on that subject. how much of what the establishment church calls basic is just a re rendering of old law? Like Jim says here on this post “basic” is Christ and him crucified. now THAT'S basic.wink

Being able to label something gives  the ability to control the outcome. “Basic instructions for leaving earth” the one who quantifies what those instructions are is the one in control . if we are led by the spirit of Christ in us and it appears to disagree with others interpretations we are told WE are the disobedient ones,the lawless, where in reality if we didn't have the collected writings at all and only his word written on our hearts,which we already do,then  we will be led by that and not by someone elses self driven interpretation of “scripture”.

It's worthwhile to ask the question my freind.

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