21 Jan 2016

Taking Care of Business?

Submitted by theshovel

The world’s wisdom demands that we need to take care of business because it believes that nothing will happen unless WE do it. The logic of the fleshly mind scoffs at the absurdity that any real value is found in the expectation of God’s promise. That old logic can accept a BALANCE between flesh and spirit, but it’s nothing more than lip-service, which is the basis of religion.

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How can you realize the freedom you have in Christ? I say that you will discover it, more times than not, in the midst of the bondage that still seems to hold you down. You see, the power of the gospel is not found merely in the words of its testimony of Jesus’ death and resurrection, it is found in the reality that has been brought about because of who he is and what he has done. That reality is that Christ is in you. He is there, and his life witnesses from within you … despite all the doubts that you think actually come from within you. source