22 Jan 2016

Struggling to Renew Your Mind?

Submitted by theshovel

We’ve been told that the Bible says we’re supposed to renew our minds … but does it actually say that? I’m not disputing the verse in question, I’m merely challenging what I believe has been falsely read into the words. “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind,” If you see an instruction regarding your Christian responsibility, you’ve been duped, just as I had been. This is a call to the real you —the one who has been transferred out of darkness and into the light— a call to recognize who you really are at any given moment. This call is designed to shake you out of the insanity of trusting in even the best techniques and motivations the natural mind has to offer, and it resonates within you that your transformation only comes through the miraculous working of God.

The Renewing of the Mind

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But the "gospel" we have heard so many times in this world needs no miracle, it doesn't really even need Christ for that matter because it is established after the pattern of the world's logic, motivations, and ideologies source