16 Apr 2015

Religion and Greed

Submitted by theshovel

Religion breeds greed in spite of the fact that it pretends it’s doing it all for God. The religious mind thinks it can balance the natural mind and the spiritual mind, but it can’t be done.

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Two things neither related to the daily dig. first,adam,of course the chicken came first. :) second,Jim, just want to say how much i am enjoying the daily digs. i try to check them out every day and even though i may not comment on them,i do swing by here to see what is happening .

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Thanks my friend Dave! :)

It's a great point Jim and yet what came first the Chicken or the egg? Heck who knows.

Thanks brother!


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Ha ha … yeah, really.laugh

i have used the phrase “diametrically opposed” quite a lot over the years, and am just hoping that i used them correctly.  blush  as in this case concerning the natural mind and the mind of GOD - the Spiritual Mind.    two things at opposite ends never to meet.  i get that.  but we are talking the natural mind and the mind of the Spirit which is the mind of GOD!  i was thinking they are even more radical than diametrically opposed.  they aren't even on the same line!  surprise  lol   one is sourced in death and the other is Sourced in Life.  is that the same thing as diametrically opposed?  i don't know … i am analyzing!  indecision  lol    heart

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I would think the phrase diametrically opposed fits good enough. :)

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