12 Jan 2016

Pictures of Jesus

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Pictures of Jesus. You've seen them … they're everywhere. Not sure what Jesus looks like? Seek and you shall find hundreds, if not thousands. There are images of baby Jesus, boy Jesus, grown-up Jesus, praying Jesus, dancing Jesus, crucified Jesus, resurrected Jesus, and so on. Don't like your Savior white? Not to worry, you can find one who looks more like you. Some merely prefer a certain color Jesus, but some insist on it … as if it's of the utmost spiritual importance.

Here's a what-if for you: Would it alter your faith in any way if a genuine picture of Jesus was unearthed that proved he was very unlike the one you have imagined? And then, consider the following:

Even though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now we know him so no more. 2 Corinthians 5:16 WEB

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when Jesus was here and walked upon the Earth He said that if He the Son was truly seen, then His Father was seen as well.  is this not true of us who are His upon the earth now?  if we are truly seen, is not the Father seen in us as well?  and what reactions do we expect from that?

i hav been thinking about GOD saying that original man was made in HIS own image or likeness, that image or likeness being GOD HIMself WHO is also Spirit. 

I hav also been thinking about how Jesus upon the Earth was the express Image of GOD and how those who were of the darkness did not like or accept that Image as the 'god' they desired or expected.  the spirit of darkness rejected that Express Image of GOD.  this is part of what we have inherited as well.

so now we are the image that expresses the Nature of GOD in the world and can expect the same rejection and mistreatment from time to time as well as being misunderstood by those who have not the mind of Christ to be able to understand who we are and how we are, etc. much less even care for that matter.  the nature of darkness is at enmity with the Nature of Light.  it is … well … i guess it is simply the nature of things.  sighhhh …..


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This is exactly what I am alluding to! :)


I had to chuckle at this bro. Enjoyed this very much..




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I’m glad it gave you a chuckle!

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