25 Mar 2015

Okay To Sin?

Submitted by theshovel

If your thoughts are reacting to the premise that it’s okay to sin, you need to first consider that in Christ we have been made dead to sin and alive to God. There is no such goal in Christ as reaching some place where we are okay with sin, for that is only a futile rationalization based upon viewing Christ’s miracle as only being positional or hypothetical instead as being real as real could be!

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I was having a conversation on FB (as you probably know) where everything I said about living in Christ's new reality was misinterpreted under a lense of 'this guys just saying this to excuse his sinning.' But its the difference between Christ being a fairytale or an actual reality. Believers DON'T sin because we CAN'T. Its such a simple statement, but people complicate it by looking only at the APPEARANCE of what life is.

Being 'okay with sinning' has its root SOLELY in the dead old world. For the whole statement is built around the 'sinning.' We aren't dead to sin just to be conscious of it and try to be 'pure' and avoid it. We are dead to sin because sin itself is old news. We simply don't live there anymore.

Justin, Amen!    “We simply don't live there anymore.”  Christ, in reality has removed us from the realm of where all of these behavioral based judgements exists.  “He who the SON has set free is free indeed!”  This is TRULY, GOOD NEWS!


"Christ in You, the Hope"

too many just don't realize how GOOD the GOOD news of Jesus Christ is!  the payment for sin is what He came to deal with!  the ability and reality of man being united with GOD is what He came to accomplish … to make Reality!  to do what the first man adam was unable!  Jesus Christ being the last Adam and accomplishing what pleased the FATHER and Who has called us OUT of what was and into Who IS!  New Creation!  Miracle!  not of this world or realm!  as far as GOD and the New Creation is concerned, SIN is NO longer an issue to be dealt with!  SIN - notice covers ALL sins plural!  as you have all so wonderfully pointed out, as far as GOD is concerned HE is satisfied!  the world and the mind and spirit of the world will NEVER be.  it is in bondage and can NOT see, hear or understand the things of GOD.  we have no words to satisfy them.  we have no outward body of perfection to satisfy them.  behavior is so relative and the rules change constantly.  behavior can never satisfy them to completion.  one behavior over another is constantly being weighed and compared and scrutinized and spied out and … well … there is NO END to it as far as the world is concerned.  Jesus Christ Himself did not please the spirit of the world either, obviously.  it will be no different for those who are His while on this planet.  He is our only comfort, peace, etc.  while here in the midst.

thanx for all the encouragement and stimulation!  :)  heart

alive to GOD and dead to sin in Christ Jesus!  those words have comforted me and continue to comfort me more times than i could ever possibly count!  heart  they are most excellent words to have reverberate through our very beings and to reflect upon especially when the lies from the darkness in this world are in full-attack-mode upon our hearts and minds!  :)

thank you for bringing them to mind again to me and to each and all of us this morning!  heart

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