24 Mar 2016

Judging the Real

Submitted by theshovel

Something real happened to us who believe, and yet we often fail to recognize its miraculous presence because of where we're expecting to find it. Simply put, we're examining ourselves instead of the reality of God's life within us. When we get tricked into examining ourselves or each other for proofs of this life, we only end up forcing the miraculous to measure up to some kind of comparative standard based upon observable fleshly relativities. Jesus himself ended up on the bottom of that measuring stick. That's right, he was judged by this world, especially by those who sat in the judgment seat of Moses, as a man forsaken and damned by God and man.

The reality of Christ within us is not revealed by examination, for it can only be WITNESSED. The witness is real and is always present, but it gets pushed to the side as being unsubstantial when those fleshly glasses of judgment are put on by which we sometimes hope to validate this life. But why should we place any value upon any judgment other than that of the cross of Christ? For it is there that all fleshly judgment is rendered moot and God's judgment of life and freedom is revealed in Christ alone.

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