14 Aug 2015

Hypothetical Questions

Submitted by theshovel

Hypothetical questions based upon hypothetical situations have nothing in common with real questions based upon real life. A hypothetical question is a facade, a covering for something else. After all, if a person has to make up a situation in order to quiz you as to the extent you think we can sin and still be okay about it, then their real question has to do with matters of law and not with life.

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sound like a broken record i know, but it is encouraging to know there IS a facade and it is even more encouraging that there is no facade in Christ … our relation is very real … our being made New is very real …

but the facade … illusion built upon sinking sand … generally supported and strengthened by being able to manipulate others by and with their hidden and sometimes not so hidden fears,  their hidden and sometimes not so hidden shame, their hidden and sometimes not so hidden guilt … always drawn in by the lies … the lies sideswipe us and catch us off guard/by surprise.

we very much need each other to support and remind one another of what is TRUE about us and Christ and our relationship together.  everything else will persist and pursue us to convince us other wise.  

that is what i love love love about theshovel.net!  it/he/we speak to one another and with one another from that supportive Foundation Who Is Christ … our only True Encouragement.  :)




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This is quite an encouragement! Thanks Sherri. :)


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