15 Aug 2015

Getting away with sin

Submitted by theshovel

How much can one sin and get away with it?

This question has nothing to do with grace but only with leniency. And leniency is nothing more than a lite version of law and its consequences. It’s the slim chance that the judge will throw the case out and let us off the hook. Interestingly, it’s the same old legal mindset regarding Passover, whereby one’s sins are allowed to slide. Isn’t this what we’ve often thought of in referring to grace? But the grace of Christ is the doing away of sin, through death and resurrection. The old has passed away, the new has come. But for some reason we’re still often hoping to have our sins passed over instead of recognizing that they’ve been dealt with once and for all.

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Love this Jim!  And Arnold, you are quite the encouragement as well!


"Christ in You, the Hope"

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Thanks Mary! :)


Yes, yes, yes! This is so good my dear brother Jim! It is INDEED exactly as the Passover what was to them! Excellent.





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Thanks Adam! :)

Holey Guacamole Shovelman !

I just got up and was having an episode with my superior intellect, and I am all messed up this morning already. I was thinking about how the church has been trying to make me a clone of Christ, according to whatever their view of the Bible is.  My feelings and pretty much everything I do, mean nothing. Its all a sin if your not doing anything for Christ . I am stripped of my identity , I am not allowed to do this , I need to be like this , dedicate myself to the cause , blah,blah,blah.

 Its no wonder we experience this sort of failure mode continously , after all , if we are not a clone of Christ we are sinning. Its almost like trying to be a master race , we must all be clones like our leader. Now I am speaking from the outward appearance, fleshly mind thinking, obviously. When I wake up I am not levitated off my bed by the Holy Spirit into a glorious day, shining like the Sun, like all the rest of you.:)

 But basically what I am trying to say , if I could only get the words out right, is somewhere along the way we , we were given bad directions and we tried to conform. But the final product was defective. So we tried a different recipe and tried to conform, same result.

 And like the rest of you who come here, I want the real recipe , not a fake religion, but being able to be myself, who God made me , good or bad, I want to live by the Living Spirit of God, knowing that the shed blood of Christ has eradicated my sin once and for all forever. And either he is lying or telling me the truth. And here lies the dilemma, law vs grace, we have been taught law all of our lives. And then I try to use my intellect to convince myself that I am forgiven. But I am unable to convince myself in my brain because my brain is not reality. Christ is reality, not my brain. Thank God for Christ.


Great word, Arnold. Excellent ... Thank you for sharing.

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That, my dear brother, is the bottom line of our reality in Christ. :) Thanks for this.


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