21 Jan 2015

Finding Ourselves

Submitted by theshovel

A quick internet search can provide an almost endless number of links offering how-to guides, seminars, and programs with various steps on how to find yourself. You would think that with all the info available today people could figure out who they were. Instead, I imagine that many have merely found themselves stuck on the self-discovery merry-go-round. What if the “self” cannot be found for the simple reason that there is nothing to find?

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These daily messages are the best! No more is there a need to find ourselves for we have been made one in Christ!

sending warm hugs from our end of the southeast coast!  :)  stay warm!  i hope!  :)


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Justin, I am thrilled to know that you are finding the daily messages valuable. :)


finding one's self … the elusive never ending search … each time thinking that self has been found only to be disappointed again shortly after, therefore needing to renew the search because that self was not acceptable or did not meet up to our hopes and expectations, etc.  sighhh …

it is soooo WONDERFUL when we come to discover that we are NEW CREATIONs in Christ!   bouncy   our True lives are now and forever more with GOD hidden IN Christ Jesus.  we Live and Express and Function out of and out from that miraculous Life that dwells within us.  this Truth when we hear it resonates within us … HIS Spirit within us witnessing and testifying within us of this. 

we are Found In Him!!  :)  there is no need to search any further.  to Know Him is to Know ourselves for He Is our Life and our New 'Self'.  all that He is He is in us, Alive and Well on planet Earth!  these temporal earthly shells we are housed in are merely vessels, but they have been made vessels of HONOR because of Him!  He has given LIFE to these mortal bodies by His Spirit living within.  we Live out of His freedom and grace and it is a HUGE expanse … immeasurable beyond human imagination!  :)

we are an inward Spiritual Life contained in a very temporal shell.  we lack NOTHING in Him!  :)  yet this world - not the planet itself, but the mind and spirit that dwells upon it and has life upon it by the jugular - will never rest from its determination to constantly strive to convince us in every possible creative and not so creative and destructive ways that we are any thing but the Truth of all that we really are and have been made in Him!  that is where their battle/war lives and endures. 

but GOD - HE Is our Victory in Christ!  :)  yay!!

we Stand in Him and with Him and together!   our Standing is SURE!  :)



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Sherri, thank you so much for taking the time to express this wonderfully encouraging response! Your words are always welcomed and looked forward to. :)




Nothing? Yes, as in dead! Sure, you can dig up something through the help of those who only appeal to the flesh but, that guy is dead. Can you sense it?




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