1 Feb 2016

Failing, Meeting, or Exceeding

Submitted by theshovel

Do we not understand that whether we fail to meet expectations, meet expectations or even exceed expectations that we are living in view of expectations? Isn’t it clear that living according to duty in any way, shape or form is simply living according to law?

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… according to the flesh … according to that which we have died to … according to that which is bondage … according to that which is outward and temporal … according to that which is NOT according to the NEW that HE has made us in Him … according to all that we have been set free from and called out of …Christ IS the end of it all … and the beginning of the forever NEW … created New in Him, by Him, for Him, because of Him, with Him and pleases Him!  :) 

far too often we don't really know who we are in Him, and He is where we find our freedom, peace, love and all that we are and need and desire. all praise is His!  :)


..and yet it is the world we live in...sighhh...

Thanks my bro Jim for always pointing out the absurdity of life without Life!


Many christians would find this concept difficult or even impossible to understand. In fact with the type of life that most are trying to live would find this offensive because it is the exact opposite of what they are taught.

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