3 Nov 2015

Experiencing the broken heart

Submitted by theshovel

We have been freed in Christ to truly be alive. That includes the experiencing of the broken-heart, for it is a gift of God to us as through the pain we experience the suffering of Jesus himself.

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no fun!!  :(  gut wrenching, heart breaking matters!  :(   my heart goes out to you and yours.  the truly good news of Christ in us is quite threatening to those who fear it is just too good to be true for them.  and if it is too good to be true for them, it has to also and most definitely be too good to be true for you in their estimation of, for, about and toward you.  that fear causes irrational and cruel treatments to come forth from and out of those fearful mentalities/beliefs/thoughts, etc. 

the fellowship of His sufferings … this is part and parcel with our inheritance in Him.  i know you know this well, and i am just supporting you in your knowledge of this.  it isn't very comforting concerning our relationships, but you are in good company to be sure. 

my heart goes out to you and yours for this cruel, 'well-meaning' treatment from those whom we would hope would be of more comfort and understanding toward us in life … our families.  however, it just isn't always the case.   :(

our separation to, from and in the world becomes very apparent in these circumstances, situations and experiences.  we don't even have to 'separate ourselves'.  the mind/mentality of this world - religious or otherwise - will reveal that separation reality to us from time to time.  it can be quite disorienting …. feeling very much like some kind of twilight zone experience.  yikes … 

please accept warm hugs of empathy, relating and mutual-identifying from this end, for what it may be worth to you.  heart


I posted a reply to you awhile ago, but just realized it never posted. I sent it from my phone, and sometimes that doesn't work. So, I wasn't ignoring you! wink And your encouragement is of much value to me, it's priceless. I love reading your comments to other readers, too! So thank you so much, for taking the time to post to me. I struggle to express to you and Jim how much you both mean to me. You both and Adam are spoken of here in Nebraska with such fondness! heart 

Knowing that we are not the only ones to experience this suffering brings comfort. I relate so well with what you spoke of. “We don't even have to 'separate ourselves'. the mind/mentality of this world - religious or otherwise - will reveal that separation reality to us from time to time.” So true! As much as we hate the disorientation, we love the confidence He gives that we are loved.




i understand the technical difficulties with today's complicated technologies!  lol  it is a love/hate relationship we have with them, isn't it.  haha

i never gave it a tho't that you were ignoring me, so not to worry there.  :)  we did get that little blurb that said, ” priceless ” and that was awesome!  :)

it is wonderful to hear from you any time!  :)  it is wonderful to know that we and adam are appreciated!  :)   (did you feel that 'hug', adam?)   :)

hugs to you and yours candi  heart

Jim, I know that you have no idea that my heart has been broken over the last couple of days, but our Heavenly Father did. :) The heartbreak is due to a rift in our family. My husband, my sister, my niece, and I are being told that we must change our view on our freedom in Christ and our eschatology or else we will face the consequences, i.e. no longer have unity/fellowship with them like we use to enjoy. This has been going on awhile now, but recently their pressure has increased. Certain family members won't let us watch their children for fear that we will brainwash them into believing something other than what they have taught them. We have never tried to teach their children anything. We just love them and want our kids to play with their cousins in the backyard! It has become so ridiculous. We haven't once pushed a view on anyone. Do we share Life when someone asks? Yes! We hear righteousness through the Law (meaning the NEW law, aka the New Testament with all but one of the ten commandments added in for good measure), being preached and sometimes we speak up and say something to a person that we perceive has a sincere heart and broken spirit. They immediately lift their hanging heads and hear Life! But when they began to share with others and tell them what we said, a bull's eye was put on our backs. We have been labeled heretics, or in the very least, completely deceived. We know that it is not our job to convince them, it's God's. We aren't fighting either, just standing firm. But they will not let us just be unless we agree with them. We are harassed through texts and phone calls, told that we don't care for our children if we teach them what we believe, and reminded that if there is a rapture (which we don't even believe in), we will be left behind. They ask us what we think, and when we answer, we are mocked and ridiculed as being idiots who don't know Greek and Hebrew (which, to be fair, we don't). We do not want to bring disunity. We are fine with just agreeing to disagree, but they will not allow it. The pressure to pretend to not know what I now know is there. I could not live like that, but honestly the thought does come from time to time. And I know that it would in no way bring true peace. They will be satisfied for awhile, but I would be a hypocrite putting on a facade to please men. I cannot do it. They accuse us of causing the divide, but in no way are we pushing them away. They refuse us because we cannot agree on the interpretation of some, probably many, Scriptures. We are not choosing this, but cannot go back to a yoke of slavery. We are pressed, but not crushed. I cried out to God last night to comfort me, and He has used you and a few others to do it. :) We will continue to stand in Christ no matter how painful, not because we have to, but because there is nothing else we can do. Thank you for posting this.



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My dear Candi,

I thoroughly understand the stress you are going through, and my heart hurts for you and your family in this situation. I am praying for all of you.

Love, Jim

Thank you for your prayers, Jim. I am always so encouraged after reading these Daily Digs. :) And the fact that you understand this pain and have probably experienced it many times gives me comfort. 



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