17 Feb 2016

Dump The System!

Submitted by theshovel

Hasn’t the good news of Jesus made it abundantly clear that those who have received the grace of God are the clean, the righteous, the justified, the sanctified, the holy, the pure, and even the undefiled? So, dump that evaluation system by which you keep judging yourself unworthy.

From To The Pure

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… for always encouraging and reminding us that we are worthy because of what GOD accomplished thru HIS Son and in those who are HIS believing ones.  systems that judge us unworthy are practically endless,  as man is quite creative … yet it is all from th same source that is against GOD  therefore against us.  no surprise, really right?  dumping is hard to do when u dont kno xactly what to dump.  thank u for helping us sort!!  :)  so cheers to digging and sorting!  :)

we ARE the 'difference' and the 'good' in the world!  GOD has made it so in the miraculous Life, Death and Resurrection of HIS Son, AND in those Whom HE has called, chosen, drawn, etc.  Believers believe because they are the believing ones.  a miracle has happened and a New Nature has been born!  a miraculous Nature that Believes regardless of what the temporal throws at us to dissuade us!  it is a Nature that is True to and from the very SOURCE!  :)  GOOD GOOD news!  :)


Yes! Dump that system!

God is pleased with you in the midst of your flesh bucket!


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