16 Feb 2014

Dry Well

Submitted by theshovel

I copied this from the most recent newsletter I sent out.

How many times would you lower a bucket into a well if it consistently came up empty? I mean, empty, as in bone dry? Something tells me that you’d go off in search of water elsewhere. But then, if you came to a well where people often gathered to dip their buckets, you’d probably expect to get some water, don’t you think? But what if your bucket still came up dry no matter how many times you threw it in? If those around you told you that you were doing it the wrong way, how long would you keep trying? Would you take classes and go to seminars on how to access the water? Would you pay others to teach you the proper techniques? Would you gather with the crowds to hear the testimonies of those who claimed to have discovered the secrets of accessing the deep waters? Would you keep singing the songs about drinking from the well? At the end of the day, when the bucket was still empty, wouldn’t you want to find out if anybody else was actually getting water from that well?

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it is aMAzing how many times i lowered my bucket into a dry well, never quenching that desperate thirst!  :(  it is the most wonderful and miraculous wonder of all wonders to be found IN the Living Waters of the Living GOD, never to thirst for HIM again!  :)  The New Creation freely, refreshingly, safely and enjoyably swims and drinks and lives from and out of the very Life of GOD HIM-self Who has given us of HIS own Spirit of Life and Love and Peace and all that HE IS.  :)

love this article and the comments!  :)



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Sherri, your reply is so refreshing and full of the life of he who is peace! Thanks.



I think part of the problem, is that some people at the well, have the outward appearance of being satisfied with what is coming up out of the well. they have gotten good at not only being satisfied with no real refreshment but hold up the empty bucket, dip an empty glass into it ,raise it to their lips to drink then say “wow, that was really refreshing” . The head scratching confusion that follows usually ends up in a what is wrong with ME question and it takes time,perseverance  and revelation to see through the mirage that comes from having a real deep thirst that is never quenched.

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Excellent, my brother mcdave! Yes, how many times have we wondered what we were doing wrong or missing? We assume that we must not get it, that we must not understand. But no, we’ve been drooling over a dry bucket.

This reminds me of the story of the Emperor who had no clothes on and was deceived into thinking that he had on wonderful new clothes.  Everyone was afraid to say that he was naked, perhaps because of what their peers would think, and they all were seeing the new clothes that were not there.  Sometimes I think we are told there is water where there is none and we are too afraid to say there is no water there.  Wonder what happened to the boy who told it like it was…if I remember right, it opened everyone's eyes including the Emperor.  Wish that were the case in the organized church today.  It has been my experience that if you point out the lack of water, you are “soooo misguided”…dare I say even a blasphemer??  Well, that is not very encouraging, is it…but the best thing is that Father opens the eyes of His children whoever they are in His time and in His own way, and for that I am eternally grateful to Him to be counted as one of them.

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Yes, the Emperor’s New Clothes, one of my favorites! Like you wrote, we say there is no water and we’re looked at as if we were misguided. Thanks.


McDave7, your pointing out what part of the problem is, made some excellent points, to include being fooled by appearances.

And Charlotte, the naked Emperor story is a good one to be reminded of.  I suppose there were as many reasons for the crowd not speaking up, as there were people in the crowd.  It's interesting to me why the one little boy did.  What catches my attention is that he was a “little boy”, perhaps not old enough yet to have “learned” that there are reasons why we shouldn't  just be who we are.  We get “taught” to grow up, and learn the games, don't we.  Didn't Jesus say something about coming to Him as little children.  

"It’s interesting to me why the one little boy did. What catches my attention is that he was a “little boy”, perhaps not old enough yet to have “learned” that there are reasons why we shouldn’t just be who we are. "

Love this,


Yeah Georgi, I was thinking about this in an indirect way today. For when Christ came He came and took away the whole realm of self examination. With that He gave us a new heart and good works that might show up in us over the course of our lifetimes.


Yes, all without any fearful analyzing.



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