30 Sep 2015

Does Knowing Christ Lead to Knowing Scripture?

Submitted by theshovel

I find it amazing how the Christian focus on Bible study and Bible knowledge keeps silently demanding that somehow it is still supposed to be a major part of the end result of knowing Christ. The truth of the matter is that when our confidence is recognized as being in Christ alone, we can even find incredible life flowing from a bad interpretation. Ironically, I’ve often witnessed much fear and condemnation from some seemingly accurately-handled passages simply because the truth of law-desperation blocks out the super-abounding grace!

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After the end of a world exposed day, these daily digs prompts forth the Life within allowing me to see my true life in Christ. Thank you my dear brother for sharing your heart.

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My brother, comments like yours keep me fueled up to continue on with the digs!

So true. We can study, study, study, the Bible and all the related books of which there are myriads and still never "know" Christ which is the purpose of our study in the first place. Knowing Christ is a relating to Him in the Spirit, and His life showing us what really is true, whether it be Bible verses, or the stuff of life. All is to bring Him glory, not to puff ourselves up or add to our knowledge. Good words, Jim

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My dear Charlotte, I am so encouraged to know that today’s dig resented with you. :)

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