31 Mar 2015

Divided Christianity?

Submitted by theshovel

Maybe if we stopped trying to divide Christians up into logical sounding groups we might realize there is only one life of Christ, and then maybe we would stop defining ourselves by that which seems logical. If you think you don’t define yourself and others in such a way, just pay attention to the adjectives you use to describe what kind of a Christian a person is.

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the problem we have is what we believe about 'the way we are'.  the 'way we are' is no longer the 'way we were'.  the way we were required a death and resurrection … not a resurrection back to the thing we were.  we have had a rebirth to absolute NEWness of Life. 

our life is not found in the old dead-to-God-condition we once were.  we have been made Alive to GOD in Christ Jesus.  we are not these old temporal shells we are housed in and viewed from.  outward appearance/behavior does not define us.  we are defined in Christ Himself.  smiley

we are not saved to and in some labeled definition of 'condition'  such as homosexual, liar, thief, dot dot dot fill in the blank____.  we are saved out of and saved from any other definition that is not the New Creation He has miraculously made us in Him.  confusion comes with the anything- and everything-else labels and misidentifiers.  Christ Himself is our definition and our label and our New Creation 'condition' and Reality!    smiley


Thank you, Dignz. I hear what you are saying for those truly saved and struggling in the fight to get through sin. They should be confident realizing they are joined to Christ and completely acceptable through the cross by Christ Alone. but I am compelled to think this gay person is either deceived or in denial. How could gay living persist if he is truly saved and assuming the guy has no challenges with weakness or fear? Is he in denial? his conscious seared? He seems to walk around free as a bird. Your comments are encouraging.

my question would be, if we are going to focus on sin, why pick on one and not all?     i may totally be missing your concern here.  for that i apologize.   blush

for now, i will say again, sin is no longer an issue for the New Creation to focus on, as if it has not already been dealt with.  we do not need to converse with one another as those who are alive to sin and dead to GOD.  we do need to and do desire immensely to speak to and with one another as those ALIVE to GOD and DEAD to SIN.  Life speaks to and recognizes Life.  Spirit speaks to and recognizes  Spirit.  Love speaks to and recognizes Love.  etc.

in case you misunderstand me, i am not denying that homosexuality is on the 'list of sins'.   it is not the only one.  i am more focused on what the apostle paul continued to say after that … 'but such were some of you ….'.   even while they may have actually been encouraged to continue to engage in sinful practices, (whatever they may have been - new to them or already very familiar to them) he encouraged them to remember and to realize that none of it was linked to their New and Living Identity or Reality or how they were defined in Christ.  it was no longer their obligation or bondage to the flesh.  his heart, determination and goal was to encourage them in their New Reality in Christ and not their mistaken identities and futile practices that were empty, dead-to-GOD activities and mentalities.  in other words, those engagements were their own proof of futility/emptiness, etc.

you wonder:  is this person deceived?  is he in denial?  how can he persist in his 'lifestyle' of sin if he is truly saved?

i thought i was answering that in my first post.   lol   theshovel has had some more wonderful digs that also answer that since we last posted as well.  smiley   good stuff of Life!  smiley

so here is what i was thinking:  it is not that GOD accepts sin.  that is what Christ died for.  once and for all done deal … a HUGE deal!  no matter the 'sin' or sins plural.  the issue was their once hopeless, GOD-less nature of sin having been done away with  and their New Nature of GOD given them.  the issue is whether or not a person is Alive to GOD in Christ Jesus or …  dead to GOD … empty of the Life of Christ.   it is either Life or death …. Light or darkness …. Sight or blindness … etc.   it is not a matter of this sin or that sin.

if this person you speak of is convinced that his reality is merely that he is accepted by GOD in-spite of his 'sinful condition' (which is the nature of man having inherited it from the first adam) as opposed to having died with Christ and is now a New Creation (no longer a 'sinner', homosexual, or any other label he may think he needs to claim with GOD's approval) it could be considered a matter of denial and/or deception or even both in spite of his New Life, if indeed he has New Life.  or it could be a matter of him not yet being Alive to GOD, much less even knowing what that is or means.  you and i may not yet know what his true reality is, but our GOD and FATHER knows.  HE knows the heart.  i thank GOD that HE does not judge according to the outward appearance or by our being caught up in any particular deception, (for we are all plagued with plenty of that) but instead is according to the UN-seen Reality of His Spirit and work within. bouncy

don't know if that helps or not, or if it just adds to the confusion of things.  i try but often don't say things the way i would like, and certainly not with as few words as i would like.  blush


There is a professed homosexual believer that attends my church. He says God accepts him the way he is and he is saved. I understand scripture about no male or female and no Jew and gentile, and we are all as one in Christ. You are correct, for the life of me, I cannot help to think immediately "homosexual believer" (oxymoron) every time I see him. Maybe I can rid myself of the adjective by seeing the end of his salvation instead of the current situation. Comments?

… that 'christian' means 'christ-one' …. in other words, one who belongs to Christ.  that is short, simple and to the point.  what other definition or source does a 'christian' need?  smiley    heart

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