24 Feb 2015

Christ as my Validation

Submitted by theshovel

You know, in the face of so many conflicting opinions and so-called facts, I constantly realize how often I must have appeared the fool to those around me. To recognize Christ as my only validation is the source of my sanity. I often have to remind myself of that reality.

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"Christ is my only source of sanity"

Yes! Yes, He is! He is the only sufficient answer, we can not rest in anything else. And when we do find some so called 'rest' in the world, He is always there to wake us up out of our delusion. Because that is all the world is: a delusional life based entirely on appearances and on our behavior. In other words, our lives were once based solely on the WRITTEN WORD. Christ is the only One who removes this from us so that we CAN'T HELP BUT to see Him. This is what Jeremiah spoke of when he prophesized about God teaching us, instead of the Law doing it.

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Yes, Jeremiah prophesied it, and then Paul testified to that very thing:

However, the Law is not of faith; on the contrary, “HE WHO PRACTICES THEM SHALL LIVE BY THEM.” Galatians 3:12

There are many who would call you a heretic for simply expressing what Paul wrote because they have no clue that the written word they live by is not of faith.

Thanks Justin! This was great.

I agree with Mikey. I appreciate how this web site continually unveils to the believer their true reality hidden with Christ in God. Refreshing and alive. Keep digging.

Thanks Sherri! Yes!


"Christ in You, the Hope"

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come. 2 Corinthians 5:17”

“No, no, it is not a matter of God seeing Christ instead of me so that my sinfulness is overlooked by His selective viewpoint, it is that God is the only one unhampered by the bogus judgments of appearance that cause me to rock back and forth. God sees the reality, and the reality is that Christ IS my new life. This is the only reality by which Paul could say he was conscious of nothing against him. It is the only reality by which we can claim that same consciousness. You wrote: I accept the WHAM, but I don't EXPERIENCE it in what might be seen as anything amazing to anyone else. This is an amazing testimony of the very real life of Christ in you…”

read the rest at the link below!  sooooo WONDERFUL and FULL of encouragement!! 



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Wow, that IS a good one! Thanks for drawing some attention to it.


“…we have been left in a world that views all things according to its own flawed perception of reality we should not be surprised to discover that we will adopt its fears and sense of guilt and condemnation when we base our judgments upon that which can be seen with fleshly eyes or heard with fleshly ear…”  <-theshovel

very encouraging!!  so easy to identify with!  heart


I have found your observations and views, Jim, remarkably consistent - and particularly so as one who regards Christ the only true validation for all who believe :)  It's been a comfort to read and listen to you through the yearssmiley


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Thanks for this, Mikey! :)

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...to believe in Christ is not equal to an acceptance of the religion of Christianity, nor is it an avoidance of fact. I know, I stand on what appears to be no-man's land. Thank God for that! :) source